Jeremy Goldstein strikes out on his own, forms new firm

Jeremy Goldstein has made a name for himself as one of the premier mergers-and-acquisitions attorneys in the United States today. After having spent an entire career at renowned law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz, Goldstein decided to take the many millions of dollars that he had made over the course of his career and start his own law firm.

The decision was not taken lightly. Goldstein decided that he would rather spend the rest of his time helping small-to-medium business owners navigate the treacherous world of executive compensation rather than continue to accumulate more money that he would never be able to spend.

As part of the formation of his new firm, Goldstein was quickly listed by the Lawyer Referral and Information System, a system put in place recently by the New York State Bar Association that allows New York state residents to quickly and efficiently choose legal counsel that is appropriate to both their location and their case type.

As part of the system, Goldstein is now seen by thousands of potential customers every day, generating more business and helping to strengthen the Lawyer Referral and Information System by including such big-name lawyers as himself.

Goldstein also currently sits as the chairman of the Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association, one of the most important subdivisions of the New York State Bar Association.

Aside from all of these accolades, Goldstein has been a key figure in some of the most impressive and monumental mergers and acquisitions deals in recent corporate history. These include the Kmart purchase of Sears Roebuck, the Verizon merger with Alltel and the Phillips Petroleum buyout of Conoco.

All of this experience has given Goldstein a unique perspective on the things that can go wrong when large corporations are taken over either by friendly or hostile means end result that can have on executives who have dedicated their lives to the service of those corporations. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase

Goldstein says that many of the severe problems that can arise due to improperly structured executive compensation packages at large firms can also beset smaller and medium-sized businesses. Goldstein says there’s no better way to attract hostile shareholder activist then to create tension between the board and the shareholders through improper executive compensation packages.

But with experience legal counsel, Goldstein says that almost all of the pitfalls associated with poorly structured executive compensation packages can be avoided.

Freedom Checks and The Propitious Investment Opportunities It Offers For All

In the world of investment and stock trading, there’s a lot of anxiety and other sorts of trepidation that hinders people to put their money in most of today’s profitable investment opportunities. They are afraid to lose even a little bit of money. They are concerned of the regret they feel. They feel afraid that nothing will come out of their investments. However, if they’ve heard of what Matt Badiali has to offer in his Freedom Checks, then they would probably change their minds and would now give in their trusts. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.


The People Who Have Cashed In


Before we talk about what Freedom Checks is, you should know that there are already many Americans right now that have cashed in on this investment program. There are now even shareholders collecting about $124,000 and $266,000 each year from the checks that they have collected from the Freedom C. But what are these Freedom C., you ask? Well, first that you need to learn is that they are an investment program that are not like your government social security checks or 401k because while they’re government-linked, they pay 4x your social security checks.


The Creation of Such Checks


These checks have floated because of the Statute 26-F Government Policy that gives tax cuts to companies whose nature of the job is in the field of energy production, distribution and storage. Because the government wants to encourage entrepreneurs to invest in these areas, it is offering tax cuts, and these tax cuts get transferred to the investors and shareholders, such as yourself.



These companies that can issue such Freedom C. are called Mater Limited Partnerships or MLPs, and they’re part of the 568 companies today that are eligible to give out these kinds of checks and opportunities that no other kind of company can bring about. Also, you should know that when you invest in such Freedom C., you get what are called distributions, which are similar to traditional stock dividends, and because of such policy, you may be able to increase your assets and income in ways that your government service can’t offer.


If you decide to buy some shares on an MLP, then don’t worry. They’re just as easy as buying a share on Apple or Google, which are also the same processes you do when you’re trying to buy dividend-paying checks. Plus, these Freedom Checks are linked with the American government, and so you can’t be more legitimate than that. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

How Jeff Yastine Helps Main Street Investors Make Money

Jeff Yastine has been helping people invest their money profitably for more than 20 years. After graduating from the University of Florida in 1986 he became involved in the journalism industry. Seven years after graduating from college he become a correspondent, and then a senior correspondents, for Nightly Business Report which has been a fixture on PBS for many years. His area of expertise was revealing economic trends and reporting on businesses and financial matters.

In April 2011, he left Nightly Business Report and instead started working for The Oxford Club LLC. This is a company which provides educational materials to Main Street investors. Jeff Yastine became the editorial director of this company, overseeing the work of both freelance professionals as well as those who were employed by this company. He oversaw two financial newsletters which were subscription based. He also used his experience to help The Oxford Club create videos, host seminars, and develop marketing projects. Visit to know more about Jeff Yastine.

In April 2013, Jeff Yastine moved from Baltimore, Maryland, to West Palm Beach, Florida. He had been hired by Newsmax Media, Inc. to be their new director of financial newsletters. He performed mostly the same work for this company that he had for The Oxford Club. In 2015 he joined Banyan Hill Publishing (at the time named The Sovereign Society). He is their editorial director and manages the several newsletters this company puts out on a monthly basis. The goal of this company is to help people build their wealth while at the same time preserving it. They want to help people achieve financial independence where they don’t have to have concerns about their money and whether it will last. Read more articles by Jeff Yastine at Banyan Hill.

In addition to editing the work of other financial writers at Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff Yastine also provides subscribers his own newsletter. This is Total Wealth Insider. He looks for areas of the economy that he sees as becoming more important over the next year, such as his current focus on companies that provide online security given all the break-ins of computer systems in the past few years.

In each issue of total Wealth Insider he focuses on the stock of one company, so he offers 12 stock picks each year. Jeff Yastine creates an 8-page report about the company and provides all the details of why he thinks it is set for stellar returns. He also does a weekly podcast for his subscribers which comes out each Sunday night.


GoBuyside (AD/nY)

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Which in your case will no longer be a dream, but a reality. Visit GoBuyside’s website today!

Lacey and Larkin’s Legal Contention with Arpaio’s Presidential Pardon

Presidential pardons have been issued throughout the history of the United States, and many of which are often controversial and unusual in nature.

The latest pardon issued by President Donald Trump for Joe Arpaio, who was considered the toughest sheriff in America’s Maricopa County, has not escape controversy because the ex-sheriff was publicized and known for his notorious and unlawful dispensation of authority, including the illegal arrests and detention of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

Ten years previously under the darkness of the night, agents from the Maricopa County Selective Enforcement Unit knocked on the doors of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey in Phoenix, Arizona.

The reason for their presence is because Joe Arpaio ordered the arrests and detention of Larkin and Lacey due to charges of giving out details regarding an investigation being conducted by a grand jury.

During that time, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were affiliated with the Village Voice Media newspaper, where Lacey was the executive editor and Larkin was the Chief Executive Officer.

In the morning of the day that they were arrested, they featured an article that contained a probe that is being undertaken by a grand jury on the Village Voice Media newspaper – the Phoenix New Times.

But Lacey and Larkin were not aware during that instance is that the grand jury was actually doing an investigation of them.

On the other hand, Joe Arpaio has been increasingly irked by the swelling exposure the Phoenix New Times was doing on his unlawful dispensation of authority from the time he became Maricopa County’s sheriff. The notorious tent city he had built as well as the ill treatment and abuse of inmates including women and children especially if they hold immigrant status, have all been incessantly published by numerous newspapers.

From the time Joe Arpaio has been appointed as sheriff, he was duly informed of what is illegally and legally permissible by law.

And in 2011, Judge Murray of the United District Court informed Arpaio that jailing immigrants due to mere suspicion is not an acceptable evidence on whether the said immigrant has proper status or not. And without proper evidence it is unlawful to detain that individual.

The mentioned scenarios were discussed privately with the sheriff prior to 2011. However, they became known when a legal complaint was filed against Arpaio about 10 years in the past.

The case bared the dire circumstances the inmates went through in the tent city, and along with that evidence, he was indicted for violating the Latinos as well as the other immigrant groups’ rights.

After Arpaio was convicted, he lost his bid for another term for the sheriff’s office, and eventually Lacy and Larking were given a cash settlement of $3.75 million for their illegal arrests instigated by Arpaio.

Currently, the Frontera Fund, which Lacy and Larkin founded through their cash settlement continue to help Latinos and other immigrant’s throughout Arizona. But with the pardon given by President Trump, it is hard to conclude where Arpaio will be or how things will fare out for him.

Read more:
Jim Larkin | LinkedIn
Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Dr. Johanan Rand A Doctor For A Lifestyle

Dr. Johanan Rand is the doctor to see in the West Orange area for anyone looking to better their health and restore their youth. Dr. Johanan Rand is the President and CEO of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey. The Healthy Aging Medical Centers focus on regenerative health and provide customized plans to all their clients. Dr Johanan Rand deeply cares about the success seen in his patients. He believes that there is a uniqueness to every patient and creates a customized plan based around their needs. The Healthy Aging Medical Center, under Dr. Johanan Rand’s supervision, uses many new therapies for chronic illness and diseases. The Center specializes in hormone therapy to treat patients with age related illnesses such as menopause, erectile disfunction, poor memory and weight gain. His bio-identical hormone therapies allow the good hormones of the body to take back over increasing their levels in the body. These hormones should not be confused with synthetic hormones sometimes marketed today. Dr. Johanan Rand’s bio-identical hormones are safe and effective in bringing back a patient’s health.

Advocating for a healthier lifestyle, Dr. Johanan Rand is a strong supporter of exercise for his patients. He wants to treat their whole body and lifestyle not just fix their illness. By changing a patient’s lifestyle and habits, Dr. Johanan Rand refocuses their energies and as a byproduct helps their illnesses. By empowering his patients, Dr. Johanan Rand gives them the opportunity to be involved when fixing their own health. This empowerment ads to the customized program created by Dr. Johanan Rand. When patients feel empowered they can start to heal themselves. Dr. Johanan Rand approaches his patients with functional, regenerative and integrated approaches to their treatment. Patients will learn not just about their disease but about themselves when choosing to partner with Dr. Johanan Rand.



How Graham Edwards brings value to clients with Telereal Trillium

When it comes to the world of property management how many property owners are unaware of the differences in service level. Almost every firm will make the same promises, so it seems the only way to gain an advantage and make a better deal for yourself is to focus on reducing fees and securing guarantees in the event a property goes unrented for a long period of time. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth; property owners can gain additional benefit by being partnered with the right company.

This is done primarily by finding a good match between your property and the what type of properties of the company manages. A property management company that’s okay still simply on renting to anyone in anywhere does little management, instead, they serve more as a marketing firm that does little more than advertise your listing for you. In practice, many property owners could contact advertising providers and list the property themselves.

Understanding the shortcoming has a pivotal point for companies such as Telereal Trillium. Under the guidance of Graham Edwards the company has been able to shift his focus and better serve its clients.

As CEO Graham Edwards Telereal has been successful in shifting the focus of the company to a more value-oriented approach. Graham had determined real estate property is not like most other goods. In most cases, something purchased in bulk has to be given a discount in order to encourage buyers to purchase more; in the case of real estate property having these many properties in the same area is a benefit so great that a premium can be charged for it says Graham.

This is why one of the primary strengths of Telereal Trillium has been strategic property partnerships. By working with many property owners in an area the company is able to they customize property packages for prospective buyers. People who want to purchase more or able to, but often need to pay a premium to have it all in one place says Graham. This results in an increased revenue stream not only for the company, but also for the clients whom they partner with.


Adam Milstein; Fighting Anti-Semitism from All Fronts

Adam Milstein is a man of many trades. He has excelled in the business world as a real estate entrepreneur and in the social scene through philanthropy. Adam has offered financial and ethical support to many organizations involved in promoting rights of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. He has also been instrumental in strengthening ties between Israel and the United States of America. In fact, Adam Milstein is the national chairperson of the Israeli-American Council.

He is currently the president of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation which, he co-founded with his wife, Gila. He has also become a reputable author taking the pro-Semitic campaign to the writing arena. Read more about Adam Milstein at

In his latest article on anti-Semitism alliances around the globe, Adam Milstein points out how various groups are working together to delegitimize the nation of Israel. He believes that the groups are increasingly sharing ideas to strengthen their campaigns which are built on hate, bigotry, and racism. Adam believes that the anti-Israel narrative is the cornerstone of the existence of some of these groups. In principle, their activities revolve around fighting and sullying Israel and its people.

Adam Milstein is concerned with the spread of anti-Semitic leftism in learning institutions. Indeed, it is an indication that the future existence of Jewish people in America and beyond is threatened. It has been reinforced by the open support people in leadership positions on international platforms. One of these people is Linda Sarsour; a political activist involved organizing the Women’s March on Washington, D.C. She openly recognized and appreciated the role played by one of the co-conspirators of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. These have made her a hero and a role model to the radical groups.


Adam also points out that the trend is on a further increase with the recent expelling of three people for having Stars of David on their pride flags in two rallies in Chicago. Participants of the rallies were also encouraged to attend an inherently anti-Semitic speech by Rasmea Odeh, a Palestinian terrorist.

As an author, Adam Milstein has found a platform to push his work to the international scene and illustrate the need for harmonious co-existence and mutual respect despite the different ethnic and social backgrounds. Visit to know more about Adam Milstein.

A Brief Glimpse at Michael Lacey

Michael Thoreau Lacey is an American mathematician, he was born on September 26th, 1959 and received a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1987. Upon graduating he chose to do his thesis statement on Banach spaces.

He is famous among mathematicians for solving a problem relating to relativity theory called the law of iterated logarithm, which is itself a study of fluctuations of the mathematical object known at random walk. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey |Math Alliance

The first job position he held after receiving his Ph.D. was at Louisiana State University. Lacey then moved to Indiana University where he received the National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship. He has been a Professor of Mathematics at Georgia Institute of Technology since he left Indiana in 1996.

The same year he started working in George, he received the prestigious Salem Prize. Lacey received another grant in 2004 called the Guggenheim Fellowship. The grant is awarded to creative groups or individuals, usually in arts.

Lacey has also been on the other end of the grant process. He has personally overseen the gifting of grants like VIGRE and MCTP and in doing so has supported many students in achieving their educational dreams. Lacey advises students in his office in George on a near daily basis and has been the personal teacher of more than 10 postdocs.

Even with all of his success in the world of probability, his most important work, it is safe to say, is his work in harmonic analysis, which is a sub-type of mathematics dealing with representation of functions as harmonic waves.

Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Barbara Stokes — Developing a Brighter Future

GSH is a member of The Cullman complex. The Cullman business complex is capable of constructing 550 houses each and every year. The whole industrial complex spans a space of 100,000 square feet. The factory has been praised for its spectacular ability to create houses at this kind of lightening pace. Alabama’s center for foreign investment turned into a chief proponent for the mission and they provided it with a generous price range for the manufacturing of various units. There are Korean and Chinese investors who have their hands in the factory.

In the year of 2008, Barbara Stokes development LLC created a trendy business referred to as GSH. This agency was designed to construct houses for the sufferers of hurricanes. Barbara Stokes is the CEO. The company GSH offers possibilities for many Americans and they provide a vital resource to the public. The primary resource they provide is the ability to place people in new houses after a major storm. The employer spent over $7 million inside the year they had been founded on a new plant that might manufacture housing substances. They employed 80 people to work at the manufacturing plant. Follow Barbara Stokes on

GSH was presented a FEMA grant to build storm homes at some stage in the south as a way to prepare citizens for future storms and natural disasters. The hurricane season of 2017 left the United States reeling. It changed into a time of destruction and depression. The states of Florida and Texas noticed the worst of it and are nonetheless improving. Alabama became an area of shelter for families in search of refuge. Those new homes being built throughout Florida, Texas, and Alabama by way of Barbara Stokes are speculated to offer secure and comfortable housing for storm seasons. The largest benefit is the increase to the economy she is presenting. She could be offering hundreds of jobs to those families who’ve no longer had a possibility to work.


GSH has developed its own protection structures to ensure the protection of occupants. The steel homes can resist damage from wildfires and might even stand sturdy in opposition to winds of as much as a hundred and twenty miles per hour. In the case of an internal fire, the house will routinely suppress the flames. Family safety is the number one priority for GSH. Barbara Stokes has put lots of effort into the houses she is building and she is helping many families rebuild their lives. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

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