Feeding The World With The OSI Group

The OSI Group has a strong corporate structure that helps the company grow. Other than this, the company is managed by two experienced people. The chief executive officer of the OSI Group is Sheldon Lavin. Lavin’s first involvement with the company was back in 1970 when he was asked act as a financial advisor of the company. Back then, the company was functioning under the name Otto $ Sons and was in serious financial difficulties. Back then, the OSI Group used to be the sole supplier of meat products for the McDonalds. The company operated in the United States alone.

Another notable figure with the OSI Group is David McDonald who is the president of the company. These two gentlemen have grown the institution from a local company to an international company. Other than the United States, the firm has other branches in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, and China. There are branches in Switzerland, Netherlands, Japan, Germany, and Mexico. The company is said to have an operational base of 65 plants that are spread out in over 17 countries. The headquarters of this institution is found in Aurora, Illinois. There are other branches in the United States such as Riverside, California, West Chicago, Illinois as well as Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.

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In the year 2016 alone, the OSI Group had an annual revenue of $6.2 billion according to the Forbes magazine. Compared to other private entities, this means that the OSI Group was ranked as the 58th largest privately owned institution in the world. To expand around the world, the OSI Group uses a tactic called mergers and acquisitions. The company recently bought a food company located in Europe called Baho Food. The firm acquires these companies to expand its operations across the globe.

In the Far East, the OSI Group has established itself as a supplier of meat products to western chains working in these nations. For instance, some of the food chains that the OSI Group has partnered with include Subway, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s Pizza. The products that the OSI Group is famous for include dough products, fish products, vegetable products and pork products.