Keeping Crime Off the Streets with Help from Securus Technologies

My job on the narcotics task force is keeping the flow of drugs from getting to the point the bad guys have all the power. being able to go after top-level narcotics dealers will simply cut off the flow to the street-level criminals, so that is where I focus all my efforts. This is a dangerous and challenging job because no one wants to talk in this industry, so you really have to do all your own investigative work and dig up as many leads as possible.


In the past, we used to have limited success by dragging in the street dealers who would turn on their suppliers in order to stay out of jail. Things are much different today because these dealers wear going to jail like some badge of honor. They will sit in jail for a year and be quiet to earn the respect of the other criminals. That is what makes things so extremely hard for us.


When Securus Technologies installed a new inmate call system in the local jail, I had no idea how valuable of a resource that system was going to be. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, says his Dallas based company and all 1,000 employees stand behind one simple objective, making the world safer for us all. I was about to find out exactly how.


I was brought into the jail to be schooled on the Securus Technologies LBS software, and I immediately put it to work. We recently arrested a top-level drug deal, and he was already on the phones chatting it up about who and how the operation needed to continue until he go out. Despite him knowing we were listing, he thought he was talking in code, but the Securus Technologies picked up the chatter and alerted us to his source and other partners.


Securus Circumvents “Honor Among Thieves” With New Innovation To Prevent Crime

Have you ever wondered how difficult it is to get information out of prisoners? It is a very difficult task. There is honor among thieves, as they say. Prisoner themselves are very unlikely to “taddle” on each other. Any prisoner that does so faces incredible physical intimidation and may be ostracized from the general population of prisoners. It’s not a risk many prisoners are willing to take.


Family members are just as unlikely to give over information concerning crime inside of a prison. They do not want to see their loved one serve more time, so they are very unlikely to pass actionable information along to law enforcement. But there is way that these family members surrender information to law enforcement without even knowing it.


telecommunications company called Securus helps law enforcement collect information from the loved ones of prisoners in order to prevent crimes. These crimes can be prevented inside of the prison, or they can be crimes that may take place outside of the prison. Crimes inside of the prison include planned violence or the distribution of contraband. Crimes outside of the prison could include plans for robbery, extortion or violence. Being able to prevent crimes that are planned in prisons keeps us all safer, including the prisoners themselves.


Securus provides all telephone services to a prison. Prisoners and loved ones must use the service. Securus then records all communications. Family members and prisoners are aware of this so they often speak in code. But law enforcement is capable of cracking those codes. They just need to know who is planning the crimes and then they need to target those communications. Securus allows them to lock on to a particular string of communications by providing software that searches the recorded database for a single person’s vocal signature.



Securus Receives Accreditation from Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies is a leading company which specializes in the provision of criminal and civil justice technology to ensure that the public is safe and for aiding the correctional and monitoring facility is safe. In the recent past, the company announced that it had been issued with an accreditation of the highest order coupled up with the A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau based in Dallas, Texas. According to Securus Technologies, this is one of the biggest achievements in the world of technology and finance since the company was founded in the United States. Securus Technologies has struggled to lead in better business and justice solutions with technology at its forefront.


According to Danny e Hoyos, he has seen the company through its growth ever since he was appointed as the Operations Senior Vice President. The company also worked with the Dallas-based Better Business Bureau to have them accredited with the highest accreditation in the land. For this reason, they have made efforts to meet the high-end needs of this region through sustainability and performance in a manner which depicts the true leadership in Securus Technologies Company. For a company to receive an A+ accreditation with the Better business Bureau, it must have worked to meet the high standards of innovation placed by the market leaders.


Securus Technologies has also led to the development of high-end products and services in the industry through what they issue and print in the media. Accreditation is one of the optional parts of an organization. If a company wants to have their services taken to a higher end, they must work to meet accreditation facilities. This means that Securus Technologies has worked in close relation to meet the end needs put in place to attest for an A+ certification and rating in business. Securus Technologies is truly a progressive company.

Securus Exposes GTL’s Underhand Business Practices

In business, crooked players often try using underhand methods to gain a competitive advantage over rivals. Prominent telecommunications services provider, Securus Technologies recently released a damning report, which depicts how its business rival, GTL has been using unethical business practices to gain an edge over its rivals. Securus released a press statement on the PR Newswire website, which highlights the extent to which GTL has gone to fleece customers, and also gain undue advantage.
In the statement, Securus’ CEO Richard Smith states how GTL has for a long time been incorporating unethical practices to gain an upper hand in the industry. The FCC laid down a raft of measures to regulate the industry. GTL has however openly flouted these rules. It has circumnavigated them in total disregard of the laid down regulations. Making money has been GTL’s sole focus.


The Damning Allegations

In its press release, Securus America accuses GTL of presetting its telephone meters to add a further 15 or 36 seconds to its calls. Besides this, GTL programmed its telephone systems, which made its call rates higher than those of competitors.

Securus also accuses GTL of increasing its call rates illegally by incorporating add-on programs. This was done it total disrespect to industry fair play rules. Securus deemed this act to be deliberate since its aim was to illegally overcharge customers. GTL made huge profits in the end due to such misdemeanors.

Important Notes about Securus Technologies

The Dallas based telecommunications company has cut a niche for itself by providing top-notch services and products to its clients. Securus ranks amongst the largest firms in the inmate communications industry. It serves more than 1.2 million inmates spread across North America. The firm’s popularity is attributed to its development of popular applications such as At-Home-Visitation. To read more, click on:

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