How Avaaz gets the news media to pay attention to its issues

Activist network Avaaz is an expert at getting the news media to pay attention to its issues. So much so, if an Avaaz issue is not covered by the news media somewhere in the world, Avaaz bumps up its media campaign even more to make sure it is.

How does Avaaz get the news media so interested in its issues, and the way they are progressing? By putting into action a media campaign that has proved to be successful time and time again.

How an Avaaz media campaign works — When a new issue has been chosen and Avaaz has started to promote it to their members, their next step is to make sure the news media gets involved.

After all, part of Avaaz’ power is their ability to get their issues in front of the news and thus embarrassing the people they are targeting with their campaign.

To get a media campaign started, Avaaz first approaches its membership and asks it to fund the cost of doing so. Once donations have started to pour in, Avaaz staff write press releases and op-ed pieces that are submitted to national and international news media.

They develop strong relationships with members of the news media, so when a new issue hits they already have people in place who will listen to them.

They go after high-profile press members so the work they are doing is talked about by the people who can ensure things change.

They also create what they call ‘charismatic actions’ — unusual ways of protesting or bringing the public’s attention to the issue — so that the media will cover it.

How successful is Avaaz? — Avaaz issues are covered in the news media daily. Avaaz teams disseminate information in 17 languages and across all six continents, so news media around the world is constantly covering the issues.

In the eight years since they were founded, Avaaz has been involved in over 300 million actions on more than 2,750 issues. Many of them have been covered by the news media leading to hundreds of their issues seeing change by the people they were targeting.

After all, when hundreds of news articles and broadcast pieces are being created around the world about the issue, the public figure being targeted by the campaign tends to sit up and take notice.

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Highly experienced leadership in comparative constitutional law at the university level

International tensions and unrest are currently at frightening, volatile levels. A difficult measure to quantify, tension all over the world is more than likely at heights not seen since World War II, if not the highest ever realized in human history.

Measures nations take to regulate their country’s law and order, while at the same time recognizing the laws of other nations, is Comparative Law, or Comparative Constitutional Law.

These laws study similarities and differences between the laws of different countries. Having a greater understanding of foreign legal systems with the study of the myriad different policies and laws in different regimes and governments in complex regions everywhere on earth help aid our own democratic administrators in helping to craft laws and policy to deal with situations on an international level.

United States Constitution questions and concerns have arisen more lately now than they have for decades. Education on all aspects of the U.S. Constitution is becoming more and more critical to give residents a better understanding of this important part of America’s foundation and continued prosperity in this complicated, imperfect world. And perhaps the most important place to establish this foundation of thorough education is at the university level.

One man who is making a significant impact in educating students on comparative constitutional development and comparative constitutional law is Sujit Choudhry, the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at Berkeley Law, and the Faculty Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions.

Mr. Choudhry was a Rhodes Scholar, going on to getting law degrees from Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard. His significant contributions to Canadian, North American, and world constitutional law began immediately upon concluding his academic career, as he served as law clerk to Chief Justice Antonio Lamer in Canada’s Supreme Court. Learn more on

An author of over 90 reports, working papers, book chapters, and articles, he has been instrumental in support of constitutional transitions in Jordan, Egypt, Nepal, Libya, Tunisia, and Sri Lanka. Click this.

Among his many responsibilities and interests, he is currently on the Board of Advisors for the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law; a member of the Executive Committee of the International Journal of Constitutional Law; and is on the Editorial Board of the Constitutional Court Review in South Africa.

Mr Sujit Choudhry’s work in comparative constitutional law addresses basic methodological issues and questions in North America and nations all over the world, providing clearer pathways for so many others to forge their own ways to making constitutional law and other matters easier to work with and understand. For added info

All You Need to Know About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a scholar and an entrepreneur who initiated Human Rejuvenation Technologies Inc. The philanthropist was born in Arizona. He had a great passion for business and that made him get a degree in finance awarded by Arizona State University and an MBA in business from ASU’S W.P. Carey school of Business. Jason became dedicated to increasing the people’s life expectancy by encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Being an entrepreneur ensures that he has the resources needed which he uses to fund the researchers with the aim of ensuring that more prevention methods for diseases are adapted hence a healthier nation. He seeks to achieve this by using technology to come up with the solutions in the health sector.


Jason Hope’s generous nature is manifested in his funding educational projects and research. Apart from donating money, he also devotes his presence. Among the beneficiaries of the fund are the True Colors Fund, The Tony Hawk Foundation, and Arizona Science Centre Adre Agassi Foundation.

View on Technology

He sees technology as paramount in ensuring the aging diseases get tamed. Also, he believes that modern technology can play a significant role in ensuring that there are more discoveries in the hospitality industry.

Jason Hope argues that with technological advancement being manifested everywhere; it becomes necessary for the hospitality industry to follow the set path as is evident in other sectors. He believes it has led to improvement in the industry work rate thus simplifying work.

He is also a keen believer that there shall be more discoveries. Moreover, as everyone gets connected to technology in one way or the other, this will bring more knowledge to the ground and also create the awareness that lacked before.

Relationship between Jason Hope and SENS Foundation

Jason has partnered with the SENS Research Foundation that helps the aging by donating aid that caters for research. The organization has spearheaded in research, and according to reports, they expect to make few trials soon.

It will be a big step towards elevating the many ailments associated with aging. Jason cooperation was manifested by further transferring the technology invention to HRT.

Jason Hope and Biotechnology Rejuvenation

Jason has also been involved in many conferences with the popular one being the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference that aims to look on how aging ailments can get contained. It seems to bring people from all aspect of life that is education, researchers, and others to try to figure out what needs to get implemented. It was achieved by presentation to sensitize on its importance.

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