Alex Hern’s Business and Life Principles

Alex Hern is a businessman with over 25 years experience in the field of technology. He was the co-founder of a company called Inktomi which supplied search engine technologies to several companies. Mr. Hern was also associated with companies that include Yesmail, Military Commercial Technologies and Arcsight. Currently, Mr. Hern is working with a company he co-founded called Tsunami XR. Read more about Alex Hern at

Recently, Alex Hern spoke with Ideamensch about his business practices and some practices that have helped him to have a better life. Alex Hern has different opinions from many when it comes to what it takes to succeed in business today.

Alex Hern isn’t a big fan of the current trend towards multitasking. As far as he is concerned, multitasking is completely unproductive. Alex Hern recommends that people stay focused on one task and on one goal for a period of time. He likes to spend four to five hours each day concentrating on the goal that he is currently working on to make his company relevant and profitable in the future.


Mr. Hern’s focus drives his creativity. Each evening, Alex Hern spends quite time when the others in his household are asleep imagining the future ideas that will bring his company success.

Alex Hern advises other entrepreneurs who are just starting out in the business world to remember that life and business are a marathon and not a sprint. What Mr. Hern means by that is that there will be failures on the path to success. No one gets things right every time. The important thing is to learn from each mistake and failure so that one can do a more effective job in the future.

Mr. Hern also advises entrepreneurs to think long-term. Always set a goal, and work each day to reach that goal staying focused intently on the goal. Visit Tsunamixr to learn more.