Focus on the Comeback of George Soros in Political Funding

George Soros, a billionaire investor made a comeback in political funding on Politico. He had scaled back on his political donations following the $27 million he spent back in 2004 trying to defeat the then president George W. Bush. Soros has emerged again as a leading front runner in funding Democratic politics and a leading conservatives’ boogeyman. George Soros has donated/committed over $25 million to offer a boost to Hillary Clinton and various Democratic causes and candidates. This is according to a few Federal Election Commission records and associates’ interviews with Soros’ fundraising operatives and associates. A number of his associates are expecting Soros, who has amassed a fortune of $24.9 billion through currency trades, to donate more as the Election Day closes in.

Soros Expected to be More Engaged

According to some of his close associates, George Soros had planned to attend the Democratic convention for the first time ever to watch as Hillary Clinton accepted her nomination from the party. Soros has known Hillary for over 25 years. However, he cancelled the trip as he has recently gotten back to active trading and felt he needed to monitor closely the situation of Europe’s economy. However, according to the accounts of people close to the 85-year-old billionaire investor, it seems this time round he will be more politically engaged on NY Books.

According to Michael Vachon, Soros’ political adviser, his boss had been donating consistently for various Democratic causes but this time the stakes are very high politically at The stakes were high even before Trump got nominated by the Republican Party due to the hostility that exists against things that Soros cares a lot about. He has worked a lot to support these issues for a number of years like the criminal justice reform, religious tolerance and immigration reform. Soros’ willingness to support Hillary has been viewed by the Democratic finance circles as a great sign. Soros, of all the donors in the left, is viewed to have the potential of catalyzing other wealthy activists to support Hillary. It is expected that Clinton and her allies will build a campaign machine that will dwarf what Trump comes up with.

Soros Commitments/Donations in Numbers

George Soros has funded several causes involving the Democratic party. By the end of June, he had donated to the superPAC to the tune of $7 million. This is a group known as Priorities USA Action supporting Clinton on Several operatives think that Soros is considering adding a further $3 million to the same group. Soros donated $2 million to the American Bridge 21st Century that is targeting Trump and a number of Republican candidates. He has committed a further $5 million to a super PAC known as Immigrant Voters Win. It is devoted to ensure that they increase the turnout among the Hispanic voters in the main swing states. He has committed $5 million to another nonprofit that is looking to fight conservative efforts aimed at restricting voting. He donated or committed $2 million to America Votes and $1 million to voter mobilization groups. Senate Majority PACs each got $1.5 million from Soros.