Peter Briger: An Accomplished Forbes Top 400 Business Expert

With more than two decades of experience on matters relating to asset management, Peter Briger is both a financial professional and business leader currently based in San Francisco, California. Currently, Briger serves as the co-chairperson and principal of a leading global investment management organization, the Fortress Investment Group. This firm oversees both institutional and private investor’s assets that are slightly more than $65 billion.

Briger joined the Fortress Investment Group way back in 2002 before finding his way as a member of the Board of Directors before being elected as the Co-chairman three years later. Since then, Briger have been responsible and influential at the Fortress. Before joining the Fortress, Peter Briger held several executive positions at Goldman Sachs & Co.

Briger is a well-educated fellow having graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree before proceeding to acquire a Master’s Degree in Business Administration that he attained from the University of Pennsylvania.

Among other things that he loves the most, Peter Briger deeply cares about education, children, and the reduction of poverty. In fact, he is an active member of the Silicon Valley, an NGO whose intention is to increase knowledge on matters related to foreign policy. Learn more about Peter Briger at

Recently, Peter Briger argued that Bitcoin is the next big thing that will transform the globe on a number of issues. He asserted that if Fortress and Wells Fargo managed a controlled American-based exchange system, then Bitcoin will end up solving immense challenges such as network payments that a lot of banking institutions across the globe face.

Forbes Top 400 describes Briger as a dedicated and mindful business professional who has managed to gain trust and respect among his peers as a talented and capable individual. Briger managed to earn this respect based on his earlier assignments with several firms such as the Goldman Sachs & Co. Briger has always been committed to ensuring that quality services are able to reach some of the most underprivileged persons in the community. Briger supports firms whose intention is to see risky demographics being taken care of and handled in the right manner.