The Ultimate Guide to Online Reputation Management

Your most valuable asset is the online reputation management. When on Google, this is what people find out about you. Therefore, shaping your reputation is the best practice. For this reason, the bad news is that not everyone achieves good online reputation.

While that remains constant, the right news is that there are many things you can do to mitigate that risk. You have various options whether you are a Chief Executive Officer, a small business owner worried about bad reviews, or a job seeker with a poor portfolio.

Our online reputation management guide helps you learn about the value of online reputation. You also learn about the measures to put in place in case of a bad reputation. You will be equipped with the knowledge about the proactive measures to protect your current and future reputation.

  1. Why Online Reputation Matters

For business and job-seekers, we often focus on reputation management. Maintaining a positive reputation in online platform should be regarded as a constant effort. While you rest on your coach, a need for online reputation can pop up. Therefore, consider moments when online reputation is necessary.

Never be sure about your current good reputation. However, be confident that you have measures in place to mitigate effects as soon as the need arises. Ask yourself if you have the necessary clientele. Over 34 percent of hiring managers have candidates dismissed for poor online reputation. 82 percent of colleges use Facebook as their primary mode of recruitment. For this reason, it is important that your reputation is kept positive at all costs.

  1. Is your reputation Bad or Good?

While everyone’s online reputation is unique, some factors indicate whether your reputation is of benefit. The signs for good online reputation include:

  • Accurate search results: whenever people search you on Google, they should find your popular searches instantly. Similar names should come after yours. They should find you when they search you.
  • Active online participation: ensure that you are active in online social networking accounts including Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and Google+.
  • The absence of humiliating entries: when we search someone on Google, we look at the dark side of the person. Good online reputation never displays these results.

The Search Fixers are an online reputation management company responsible for cleaning a tarnished name. They enhance your online search rankings through search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing. They allow users to get relevant information about your brand. Because of this, you will have a less negative impact on online reputation management.

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