Road Warriors Are Beating the Odds, But How Long Will it Last?

If you’ve been playing with the NBA odds using the common theory that road weary NBA teams perform poorly on the last night of an extended road trip, you’ve probably come up short lately. Seems the idea that NBA players will be worn down from long road trips, is not following this common sense assumption, so far in 2017. While the straight up numbers still have the home team winning about half the time, adding the basketball odds to the equation and teams that should be tired and weary from road wear, are covering the point spread. But, looking closely at those games supporting these odd numbers, and we find a few reasons to say “aha”!

First piece of evidence that indicates this current trend might be smoke and mirrors, is taking into account which teams are winning these final games of the road trip. Erase the Golden State Warriors from the mix and the numbers slowly start to level out. The Cavaliers have only endured one extended road journey, a six game stint that ended in Golden State with a loss to the Dubs. Another interesting twist to consider is that Cleveland has been on a 3-6 stumble during the time period where they spent over a week away from The Q.

The 2nd best record in the NBA belongs to the San Antonio Spurs. Every astute basketball fan knows what Coach Popp does on the last leg of road trips. Stars ride the pine to save themselves for the long stretch. Jump to the 4th best record and you find the Houston Rockets, also taking care of business on a nightly basis. The Rockets last 10 games mirrored the results produced by the Cavaliers, stumbling to only 4 victories, one of those in Philadelphia against the talented, but young 76ers.

Basketball odds have a way of balancing themselves out over the long 82-game season. This current phenomenon that is defying all sense of logic is kind of like the old “follow the bouncing ball” magic trick. If, you’re not careful you’ll become hypnotized by the unexplainable until the explainable takes back over. Basketball connoisseurs enjoy betting on basketball odds at and have been keen to this current trend. This might be a good time to look deeply into the proverbial crystal ball and consider which games on the schedule are prime to reverse this oddity back to reality.

Former Hawks Ownership Files a Lawsuit against Ferry

The Atlanta Hawks has filed a lawsuit against Ferry for breach of contract. According to ESPN, the lawsuit involves the settlement of assertions made by Danny Ferry, the former general manager of Hawks. Bruce Levenson was a controlling partner of former Hawks ownership group. Notably, current ownership of Hawks is not linked to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit filed against New Hampshire is a civil action for dishonoring terms of a contract. Hawks Basketball claims that it was insured against certain damages related to employment practices such as workplace torts and wrongful termination of contracts. On 2nd, 2015, Atlanta Hawks Basketball issued a notice to AIG stating that claims asserted by Ferry were covered under the contract. As a result, Hawks ownership and Ferry reached an undisclosed buyout agreement to end the six-year contract on June 22nd, 2015. Two days later, the sale of the franchise to the Ressler-led group was approved. See,

The current spokesman of Hawks says that they are aware of the reported claims. However, the plaintiff and accused no longer relates with the Hawks. According to court documents, IAG refused to accept coverage of the covered losses. As such, the lawsuit claims dishonor of the terms of the contract for failure to participate in the defense of said claims.

About Bruce Levenson

Currently, Mr. Bruce Levenson  serves as a managing partner at United Communications Group. He teamed up with Mr. Edwin Peskowitz to establish United Communications Group (UCG). He also owns Atlanta Spirit, LLC. Before founding UCG, Mr. Levenson would write for Observer Publishing and Washington Star. Besides, he has been serving on the board of TechTarget since February 10th, 2015. He is also a member of the Board of Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. According to PR News, as a philanthropist, Mr. Levenson is the President of Washington-based I have a Dream Foundation. He attended America University and Washington University to pursue a Bachelor degree in J.D. and Arts respectively.