Desiree Perez taking over the Music Streaming Business

For a business to succeed, it is important to have great leadership. Real leadership means that top leaders should have a good working relationship and they should also be able to have the right skills that are required to run a company. If there is real leadership, then there is the possibility that such a company can go to the top of the game. If the enterprise does not have strong leaders, then the company may collapse and will not be strong enough to compete with the others offering the same services in the industry.


Previously, the above problem was facing Tidal, which is a company owned by Jay-Z. Jay-Z purchased the company with big plans because he wanted to ensure the company is unique regarding leadership and that it offers unique music streaming services. Such thoughts can take a company to the top because many businesses are not able to come up with unique and quality services. At some point, Tidal faced the worst leadership issues because leaders started stepping down and others defected for no reason. Faced with such dilemma a company can collapse but Tidal did not. In fact, it is still firm and even achieving great things in the music scene.

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Right now Jay-Z is working with Desiree, and they are both a great team. Remember that they have worked together for a long time. Desiree h as managed to attract new musicians in Tidal, and Lauryn Hill is back with the good music that most fans love. Click on   They have established other programs to make the company attractive such as Tidal X concert which serves to ensure that there is exposure regarding the music streaming business. It is now the best time for Tidal and Jay-Z is now happy that the company is now working towards achieving its goals. The success is because of the Desiree leadership.

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