InnovaCare Can Help You Choose the Right Medicare Advantage Plan

Care is precious no matter what you may think about the politics of health care. It is important that all people receive the kind of care they deserve. This is what makes a company like InnovaCare Health special. They are committed in making sure that every patient is covered through a Medicare Advantage plan that fits their specific needs. Many companies do not take time to get to know each patient and their health care needs, which prompts them to suggest bad plans. Bad plans usually mean that a patient ends up paying for services they do not need.

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The people at InnovaCare are adamant about making sure they do not suggest plans that patients do not need. It was the founding goal from people like Rick Shinto, MD. Shinto is also active President and Chief Executive of InnovaCare. He is joined by Penelope Kokkinides who serves as InnovaCare’s Chief Administrative officer. Their goal has been realized, since they now hold one of the lowest disenrollment rates than any other health care plan provider in the country.

The plans that are offered by InnovaCare Health are all Medicare Advantage plans, which are private health care plans that allow the subscriber to customize their Medicare. These plans are very popular among patients; in fact, about one-third of people use some type of Medicare Advantage plan. There are many plans available, and you can trust InnovaCare to provide you with all the options available.

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There are, however, a few popular plans that you should be familiar of. One is the famous HMOs or Health Maintenance Organizations. Another is the Preferred Provider Organizations that are also known as PPOs, and the third is the Private Fee-For-Service plan or PFFS. All of these plans have their own advantages, like how HMOs focus on preventative care where PFFS focus on making sure you only pay for use. Yet all of these plans are all still connected to Medicare.

The one thing you should remember is every plan will come with two basic Medicare Parts, which are Parts A and B. Part A covers hospital care, nursing, home care, and some hospice care. Part B covers regular doctor services, some preventative care, ambulances, laboratory tests, and outpatient care. The rest of the services that you might need, such as extended prescription drug benefits, comes from other Medicare Parts such as Part D, which you must opt for if you know you are going to need a steady stream of a particular medication. There is definitely a lot to learn regarding some of these plans, but thankfully you have InnovaCare on your side.

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