Lime Crime: Makeup For The Youtube Generation


Lime Crime recently released a new line of metallic colors for its eye and lips focused make up sets. Known for it’s popularity in social media and socially conscious standards, it has made quite a name for itself in the world of fashion. The founder of Lime Crime, Dee Deere, has sealed her title in the world of web celebrity fashion.

Every generation has its own fashion trends and the things that define that generation for years to come. Grunge and disco are good examples of that special something previous generations have used to define their sense of fashion. For the millennial generation fashion has been defined by web celebrities and the memes they generate. At the top of the fashion web celebrities is the Dee Deere, the creator of the company. First appearing on the web in the mid 2000s in makeup tutorials, she soon became a household name with millions of followers.

Later on in the last decade she created it, a line of makeup products designed not only to give girls the colorful style they saw in her videos, but to do so with a conscience. Lime Crime goes out of its way to absolutely ensure that no animals have been harmed during the production of its makeup nor have any animal products found in the ingredients of its products. This devotion to style is what makes this makeup so special.


To understand Lime Crime it’s important to understand Dee Deere herself. From a very young age Deere was always obsessed with bright and colorful fashion. Her interest in fashion continued into her adulthood and eventually led her into the world of fashion. One of the first makeup artists to upload tutorials onto the internet, she attracted a crowd of fans who wanted something extra out of their makeup products. She responded by creating Lime Crime.  Check out more on their Tumblr page.