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Laidlaw & Company: 170 Years of Excellence

Have you ever been interested in investments? Whether you are a business savvy individual or have no experience in business or investing at all, there are rewards as well as risks. More often than not, a person can get caught up in making a bad investment decision, losing the opportunity to profit as well as using their initial nest egg.
The direction more people lean toward when making this venture is “following the money” which is not necessarily the best decision sometimes. A bad investment can also be swayed by the financial pressure in the media as far as advertising revenue. The economy is in a time where stock picking is considered unreliable given the day to day changes, leaving uninformed investors in bad shape.

When thinking of making a logical investment decision without consequence and risk, look no further than Laidlaw & Company.

Laidlaw & Company was established in 1842. Laidlaw prides their company on providing comprehensive investment banking services to establish growth and manage wealth in companies, institutions and individuals. The 170 year legacy of independent investment banking opportunities have focused and established satisfaction with domestic and international organizations as well as providing a service to private clients.

The entrepreneur driven relationship and cluture is specialized by an exceptional work ethic and a “think outside the box” outlook, gathering assets and executing financial solutions through independent sales offices and institutions.

This prestigious and reliable company is only as good as its Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Eitner and the Head of Capital Markets, James P. Ahern. Laidlaw will treat with the utmost professionalism as well as being able to establish trust in clients and their assets and investments.

What Brad Reifler Can Teach You About Investing Wisely

Recently, an article was written by Reuters, about Brad Reifler and his work with Forefront Capital. The phrase of the day that Reifler shares with investors, is about “keeping losses at a minimum”. As the Founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, Reifler knows what he’s talking about. There are different sides to the market for investors, including, those who invest in public funds, hedge funds, and those who invest in commodity funds. Over the years, Reifler has given numerous tips to help investors avoid or minimize losses, as well as how to master investing.

Reifler encourages investors to stop focusing on the stock market alone, as well as putting funds in just one place. He also tells investors that knowing fund managers is important, but you should also be able to trust them. Lastly, Reifler makes it a point to tell investors that they should know why they are investing. It’s important to know the outcome desired in order to know where money should be placed.

Reifler has a ton of personal experience in addition to his business experience. The personal has given him something to glean from in order to help families make better choices. While investing for his daughter’s college fund, through a 529 plan, he discovered that when he needed the money there was less in the fund than he thought.

Wikipedia indicates Reifler graduated from Bowdoin College with a degree in Finance. In 1982, he founded Reifler Trading Corporation. At the time, Reifler was focused on global derivatives and was eventually purchased by Refco, a reputable futures company. Later, he went onto to found Pali Capital and then Forefront. Focusing on equity markets with Pali Capital, Reifler was generating millions in commissions. Later, Reifler realized that those who didn’t fall into the top one percent of investing were discouraged from exploring their options to build a future through investing.