Barbara Stokes — Developing a Brighter Future

GSH is a member of The Cullman complex. The Cullman business complex is capable of constructing 550 houses each and every year. The whole industrial complex spans a space of 100,000 square feet. The factory has been praised for its spectacular ability to create houses at this kind of lightening pace. Alabama’s center for foreign investment turned into a chief proponent for the mission and they provided it with a generous price range for the manufacturing of various units. There are Korean and Chinese investors who have their hands in the factory.

In the year of 2008, Barbara Stokes development LLC created a trendy business referred to as GSH. This agency was designed to construct houses for the sufferers of hurricanes. Barbara Stokes is the CEO. The company GSH offers possibilities for many Americans and they provide a vital resource to the public. The primary resource they provide is the ability to place people in new houses after a major storm. The employer spent over $7 million inside the year they had been founded on a new plant that might manufacture housing substances. They employed 80 people to work at the manufacturing plant. Follow Barbara Stokes on

GSH was presented a FEMA grant to build storm homes at some stage in the south as a way to prepare citizens for future storms and natural disasters. The hurricane season of 2017 left the United States reeling. It changed into a time of destruction and depression. The states of Florida and Texas noticed the worst of it and are nonetheless improving. Alabama became an area of shelter for families in search of refuge. Those new homes being built throughout Florida, Texas, and Alabama by way of Barbara Stokes are speculated to offer secure and comfortable housing for storm seasons. The largest benefit is the increase to the economy she is presenting. She could be offering hundreds of jobs to those families who’ve no longer had a possibility to work.


GSH has developed its own protection structures to ensure the protection of occupants. The steel homes can resist damage from wildfires and might even stand sturdy in opposition to winds of as much as a hundred and twenty miles per hour. In the case of an internal fire, the house will routinely suppress the flames. Family safety is the number one priority for GSH. Barbara Stokes has put lots of effort into the houses she is building and she is helping many families rebuild their lives. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.