How Jeff Yastine Helps Main Street Investors Make Money

Jeff Yastine has been helping people invest their money profitably for more than 20 years. After graduating from the University of Florida in 1986 he became involved in the journalism industry. Seven years after graduating from college he become a correspondent, and then a senior correspondents, for Nightly Business Report which has been a fixture on PBS for many years. His area of expertise was revealing economic trends and reporting on businesses and financial matters.

In April 2011, he left Nightly Business Report and instead started working for The Oxford Club LLC. This is a company which provides educational materials to Main Street investors. Jeff Yastine became the editorial director of this company, overseeing the work of both freelance professionals as well as those who were employed by this company. He oversaw two financial newsletters which were subscription based. He also used his experience to help The Oxford Club create videos, host seminars, and develop marketing projects. Visit to know more about Jeff Yastine.

In April 2013, Jeff Yastine moved from Baltimore, Maryland, to West Palm Beach, Florida. He had been hired by Newsmax Media, Inc. to be their new director of financial newsletters. He performed mostly the same work for this company that he had for The Oxford Club. In 2015 he joined Banyan Hill Publishing (at the time named The Sovereign Society). He is their editorial director and manages the several newsletters this company puts out on a monthly basis. The goal of this company is to help people build their wealth while at the same time preserving it. They want to help people achieve financial independence where they don’t have to have concerns about their money and whether it will last. Read more articles by Jeff Yastine at Banyan Hill.

In addition to editing the work of other financial writers at Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff Yastine also provides subscribers his own newsletter. This is Total Wealth Insider. He looks for areas of the economy that he sees as becoming more important over the next year, such as his current focus on companies that provide online security given all the break-ins of computer systems in the past few years.

In each issue of total Wealth Insider he focuses on the stock of one company, so he offers 12 stock picks each year. Jeff Yastine creates an 8-page report about the company and provides all the details of why he thinks it is set for stellar returns. He also does a weekly podcast for his subscribers which comes out each Sunday night.