Why Aloha Construction Remains the Best Company for Your Roofing Needs

Residents of Northern Illinois have experienced adverse weather conditions prompting many homeowners to consider their roofs and sidings need after destructions from effects of nature. It is at this juncture that roofing specialists such as Aloha Construction experience a lot of work loads coming from most home owners. It is therefore due to their much-accumulated experiences in offering roofing and siding services that most clients turn their attention to such services.

Projects Completed

Last year alone, Aloha Construction had to do 7,000 completed projects around Illinois and Southern parts of Wisconsin. Such astonishing figures allude to their dedication and commitment to offering quality remodeling services to their clientele at reasonable costs. But for the year, it has been a different story altogether as the company has had to do 20,000 projects in that year. The CEO of Aloha Construction Mr. Farbaky attested that with such workloads, they have decided to add another branch to the existing branch in Bloomington has had to contend with a lot of clientele and worked in place.

Facts about the Company

Aloha Construction exists as a family-owned company that prides itself in an insured and a bonded entity. As general contractors, they provide services around Southern Wisconsin and Illinois with limitation to its roofing and siding works. The company has gained a reputation as bonded roofing agents with an acute specialization in performing licensed and insured siding. It is also worth mentioning that the firm has completed slightly over 18,000 projects all located within Northwest Chicagoland.

As roofing contractors, the company takes pride in installing, repairing and replacing siding in homes. Such expertise is got from a thorough process where Aloha Construction employees have to undergo an active home improvement form of training. The training is offered as part of a partnership between the company and the chartered Vinyl Siding Institute. From here, they can be experts in any form of siding repair or installation without hitches.