Securus Technologies Discusses GTL Woes

Securus Technologies is on a mission. The company has its sights on fixing up some of the problems it sees in the industry. The company has taken the unusual step of calling out another company for possible wrongdoings. The company is question is Global Tel Link (GTL), and Securus Technologies has announced a series of forthcoming press releases designed to cast light on the billing practices of GTL, report from PR newswire.
Customers do rely on accurate billing in order to remain on budget. Companies that bill inaccurately are causing problems for clients. Such companies also create bad press for the industry.

Securus Technologies is definitely a leader in the industry. The enterprise has consistently delivered interesting new products and services to the correctional industry. Those who are incarcerated do not have many options for staying in touch with family. The development of Securus phone services absolutely takes things to the next level. Inmates can rely on Securus‘ phone systems and also the video services the company has crafted. The video systems are extremely easy to use and reliable. Adding to the benefits would be the affordable nature of all these services.

Based in Dallas, TX, Securus America Technologies has well over one-thousand clients in North America. Its reputation as a leader is well-deserved.

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