Adam Goldenberg Is Passionate About Exceptional Business Strategies

Adam Goldenberg, co-CEO and co-Founder of JustFab, has had quite a remarkable career experience. Starting at his teenage years, he has had satisfactory returns in all his endeavors. In 1999, Intermix Media bought his Gamers Alliance, a two-year-old gaming network. He then established Intelligent Beauty, an internet brand incubator, before founding JustFab.

JustFab has been escalating throughout the years, raising $55 million in 2013 and also acquiring ShoeDazzle, a shoe service. Currently, its membership plan has a network of five countries out of U.S. and has new add-ons to it such as an athletic brand, Fabletics.

About JustFab
JustFab is a company built on transparency. Adam Goldenberg believes sharing with his workforce exactly how the business is going on, whether in an upward or downward trajectory. Together they will rectify the issues at hand and keep soaring greater heights.

Customer feedback and response has also been a great pillar in helping the company on make a good quality product and vending decisions ensuring each client is satisfied with the JustFab experience.

Passion is key to achieving success in the fashion industry. Being passionate about your job will earn you employment in JustFab as compared to individuals with sparkling resumes with no passion.

Paying keen attention to what you’re selling as a company is better than any other average company focusing on how to sell. Customers come back for shopping because of the quality of the product, not how pretty the website is. Self-manufacturing their products enable JustFab to stay in lane in the fast moving e-commerce market because the quality is always guaranteed.

About Adam Goldenberg
Being the COO of a publicly traded firm, Adam Goldenberg boasts a wealth of experience when it comes to business. JustFab has quite some brands under it including Fabletics, ShoeDazzle, JustFab, Fabkids, and FL2. It has an annual record of $650 million since 2010 and has over 2,000 employees.

Adam acknowledges that the fashion industry is rapidly changing and the reason why JustFab keeps escalating is because of their strategies of creating brands online. Also, the membership program on LinkedIn in the company gives every customer an exclusive experience, and the relationship built benefits the company in numerous ways.

The biggest challenge of the fast-growing company can remain as skillful as before, even as they grow in numbers. Adam loves his business because he gets to meet up with individuals who are as passionate as he is about fashion and being able to explore talent through challenges faced.

Despite being a business guru, Adam loves spending time drinking coffee and snowboarding. People who pose challenges and win deeply inspire Adam Goldenberg.

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Reviewing the Clothes of JustFab Fabletics

JustFab Fabletics is yet another of the successes for the fashion retailer JustFab. Fabletics is active wear that’s made to be trendy, stylish and inexpensive for customers. Do the clothes truly uphold to those three things though?

Fabletics tops are mainly tanks, sports bras and some long sleeved shirts. The tanks have unique backings to the straps. They mostly come in monochromatic colors with a few pops of blue and orange thrown in. The price range for the Fabletics tanks are from ten to twenty dollars with the discount if you join as a VIP member. The Fabletics sports bras are very colorful and have various designs on them. Plain black is also an option though. The sports bras range from ten to fifteen dollars on Twitter. The Fabletics long sleeved shirts come in monochromatic colors, melon and purple. They range from thirteen to twenty dollars. Each Fabletics top easily upholds to being bother stylish and affordable.

Fabletics bottoms come in the choices of leggings, capris and shorts. Each option is durable. There are both basic black, patterned or colorful options for the Fabletics bottoms. The bottoms’ price range is about twenty dollars to twenty-five dollars. The Fabletics bottoms are just as stylish and accessible to consumers as the Fabletics tops.

Fabletics also sells accessories. The Fabletics accessories include underwear, socks, water bottles, yoga mats, hats, headbands, scarves and bag. The price range for these accessories is varies between five dollars to twenty dollars. Each of the accessories is stylish, very inexpensive and they keep up with fitness accessory trends.

JustFab Fabletics maintains trendy products, style focused items and keeps their products inexpensive so most everyone can buy from the clothing at The clothes from Fabletics are the perfect place to find the fitness outfits you need this season. Ready to get in shape in style and at a price that won’t make you break a sweat? Then go ahead and try JustFab Fabletics.

Fashion: Looking Where to Leap

There are always many different directions one could go with fashion. Even with athletic clothing thanks to Fabletics started by Kate Hudson, there are a lot of options that people can look at in order to find her own style. However, all of these options can be overwhelming, even in athletic clothing. The choices that were available used to be underwhelming and unflattering in sportswear or athletic clothing. Now, there are a lot of interesting and more flattering choices with athletic clothing. This makes shopping for athletic clothing more fun for women at

Fabletics was started by Kate Hudson who is someone who is well known for her sense of style. She is very passionate about clothing and style that she looked across every category of clothing in order to find that athletic clothing is lacking in style. Therefore, she has looked for ways to bring a little bit of spark into this category of clothing. As a result, the style known as “athleisure” has been created an the store Fabletics has been founded. With the different cuts, patterns and colors available for different body types, Fabletics is one store that helps women of all shapes and sizes feel good.

One interview she has went on was published on Marie Claire magazine. She got to express her feelings about clothing and other topics. Kate Hudson has put together a style of her own in Fabletics that she feels good about, and she wants others to be able to put together their own unique style. She hasn’t left the men out either. Her clothing retailer even has a men’s line that has recently opened.