Flavio Maluf, Tax Incentives, Home Depot

Flavio Maluf is the eldest son of Brazilian politician Paulo Maluf. He attended Armando Alvarez Penteado Foundation (FAAP) and graduated as a mechanical engineer, but then started his first job in 1987 working for his family’s company “Eucatex” which sells ecologically harvested products made from the Eucalyptus tree. He is also the president of Grandfood, which sells grain, agriculture, and forestry goods. With Eucatex, he started in 1987 as a trader who dealt with sales of product. Later he learned the industrial side of production, and in 1996 moved onto the board after being invited to join corporate world by his uncle. In 2005 he became the CEO and since created a new line of Eucalyptus-infused paints and varnishes for sale to the world as a non-toxic alternative to major stores like Home Depot. Read this article of Flavio Maluf at Business and Economics.

Flavio recently entered a swap with Duratex that involved their farm, in a deal which benefited both parties and fully cooperated with the FAAP’s antitrust laws; no monopolistic motives were in play. But word of mouth is the most valuable asset that Eucatex can have right now, as any governmental programs to extend the love for sustainability and renewable resources will greatly help to mould the culture. When people care about the planet, they will care about Eucatex more: it is simple math.

Another fact which helps Eucatex is the 1957 act that rewards companies for relocating to areas which the government deems beneficial for development. In doing so, tax incentives are given back to the companies which cooperate. The whole idea in doing this is to garnish attention to areas which are underdeveloped and need the money to help create infrastructure. Flavio is certainly doing his part, as his business dealings with companies such as The Home Depot have helped enormously to open up trade routes to America and create jobs for Brazilians. In 2001, Eucatex was the first company to provide sustainably-harvested wood products to the Home Depot.

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The Career of Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is an actor, comedian, entrepreneur, filmmaker. During his career, he was one of the most popular East Asian child actors that found work in the United States on television series and has appeared in over 100 different ads. He is known for his role in the movie Revenge of the Nerds and he was also in the film Police Academy. He even voiced the Ninja Turtles Leonardo in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie which was a recent remake.

Brian Torchin is also a writer. He co-wrote and helped produce Tales of a Fly on the Wall which is a live-action comedy. He allowed his friends to star in the main roles in the movie. In 2005, he was recognized for this work at the Hollywood Screenplay Awards. He was a winner for co-writing the screenplay called In the Heat of the Light. He is now looking to direct movies as well. Read more at phillypurge.com about Brian Torchin

As a child, Brian Torchin appeared on several television shows and movies. He also voiced some characters in animated films at this time. When he was a young adult he kept on acting. He played the role of the King of Siam in the movie The King and Eye. He went on tour later and played the same role.

As an adult, Brian returned to television and was seen in some famous shows including Hawaiian Five-O, and even the television series The Renegades along with Patrick Swayze. He was recently the voice of a character in the Disney services Mulan and the television show Family Guy. Torchin had reoccurring voice roles on Batman Beyond, Kim Possible, Scooby-Doo and The Last Airbender which is a show for children. Brian has enjoyed a good career in television and in the film. He is now focusing on writing and directing his own projects.

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Whitney Wolfe Is Someone Both Men And Women Can Look Up To

Whitney Wolfe has long been held the champion of women’s empowerment. She is someone who inspires women and lets them know that they can take the lead in their lives. However, it is not just women that Whitney Wolfe can be a role model. She can show an example for men of what it means to fight for a cause.

Whitney has made a ton of progress in her life, especially with Bumble as the CEO. One of the reasons that Bumble is such a success is that she has built the brand with a purpose. The brand is more or less a means to an end.

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As a matter of fact, Whitney Wolfe has run more than one successful businesses. The one’s she has started and run on her own were built to support a cause. Given her success, she has gained confidence in that she knows what she can do as a business person. She has taken all of her experiences in owning a business and used it to bring about her latest and greatest achievement which is Bumble, a woman’s empowerment app. Bumble allows women to meet with one another and network for various purposes such as jobs and friendships. Men can also use Bumble for dating.

One thing that makes Whitney Wolfe so successful is purpose. She is a woman who is driven and committed to her purpose. This is something that men who do not have a purpose can look at. With a ton of men who are walking around aimlessly not knowing what they can do with themselves, Whitney Wolfe along with plenty of other entrepreneurs show men what they can do in order to find fulfillment and make a name for themselves. Women have been making progress with feminism. Whitney is bringing them even closer to their goals of equality.

Search more about Whitney Wolfe: https://techcrunch.com/2018/05/13/whitney-wolfe-herd-bumbles-founder-doesnt-care-what-shes-supposed-to-do/

JeanMarie Guenot: Taking a Look at One Successful Medical Engineer

JeanMarie Guenot is a familiar face in modern pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry having occupied several leadership positions. In fact there is hardly any department in the industry where she cannot perform, from Pharmaceutical R&D to Corporate & Commercial Development, Project & Alliance Management, and Venture Capital. Guenot is an expert in building companies from the scratch and also rebuilding those at the point of collapse.

With such pedigree, no serious-minded company throws away the chance of having her as a staff. Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. is thus fortunate to have a personality of this magnitude as its CEO and President. Amphivena Therapeutics is no push-over in the industry either. The company on takeda.com commenced operation July 2013 in San Francisco, California. Being a pre-clinical stage company, its mission centers on eradicating blood cancers by coming up with breakthrough therapies that take advantage of the human immune system in completely eliminating tumor cells from their root. This helps in restoring cellular balance essential for blood formation, functioning and circulation. According to guenotllc.com, the company is focus on restoring the flow of life so as to save lives under the threat of fatal illnesses.

Dr. JeanMarie Guenot understands the challenges facing companies in the industry having gone through same when she founder SKS Ocular. Aside setting up the company, she stayed put and managed it to great heights. SKS is a start-up ophthalmic firm that specializes on dry AMD, glaucoma, ocular inflammation, sustained release ocular drug delivery technologies, and therapeutics for macular degeneration. She once worked for Hoffmann-La Roche in Basel and Shanghai as a business adviser. While she was Vice President of Corporate & Business Development at PDL BioPharma, she oversaw mergers, commercial product portfolio and licensing among many other responsibilities.

JeanMarie Guenot obtained her PhD from the University of California, San Francisco and went ahead to bag her MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She is an authority when it comes to areas such as neurology, oncology, ophthalmic diseases, cardiovascular diseases and autoimmune diseases.

Find more information about Jeanmarie Guenot at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeanmarie-guenot-4a140617

Adam Goldenberg Is Passionate About Exceptional Business Strategies

Adam Goldenberg, co-CEO and co-Founder of JustFab, has had quite a remarkable career experience. Starting at his teenage years, he has had satisfactory returns in all his endeavors. In 1999, Intermix Media bought his Gamers Alliance, a two-year-old gaming network. He then established Intelligent Beauty, an internet brand incubator, before founding JustFab.

JustFab has been escalating throughout the years, raising $55 million in 2013 and also acquiring ShoeDazzle, a shoe service. Currently, its membership plan has a network of five countries out of U.S. and has new add-ons to it such as an athletic brand, Fabletics.

About JustFab
JustFab is a company built on transparency. Adam Goldenberg believes sharing with his workforce exactly how the business is going on, whether in an upward or downward trajectory. Together they will rectify the issues at hand and keep soaring greater heights.

Customer feedback and response has also been a great pillar in helping the company on Vator.tv make a good quality product and vending decisions ensuring each client is satisfied with the JustFab experience.

Passion is key to achieving success in the fashion industry. Being passionate about your job will earn you employment in JustFab as compared to individuals with sparkling resumes with no passion.

Paying keen attention to what you’re selling as a company is better than any other average company focusing on how to sell. Customers come back for shopping because of the quality of the product, not how pretty the website is. Self-manufacturing their products enable JustFab to stay in lane in the fast moving e-commerce market because the quality is always guaranteed.

About Adam Goldenberg
Being the COO of a publicly traded firm, Adam Goldenberg boasts a wealth of experience when it comes to business. JustFab has quite some brands under it including Fabletics, ShoeDazzle, JustFab, Fabkids, and FL2. It has an annual record of $650 million since 2010 and has over 2,000 employees.

Adam acknowledges that the fashion industry is rapidly changing and the reason why JustFab keeps escalating is because of their strategies of creating brands online. Also, the membership program on LinkedIn in the company gives every customer an exclusive experience, and the relationship built benefits the company in numerous ways.

The biggest challenge of the fast-growing company can remain as skillful as before, even as they grow in numbers. Adam loves his business because he gets to meet up with individuals who are as passionate as he is about fashion and being able to explore talent through challenges faced.

Despite being a business guru, Adam loves spending time drinking coffee and snowboarding. People who pose challenges and win deeply inspire Adam Goldenberg.

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Clay Siegall has the attention of the cancer treatment community.


Seattle Genetics is making waves, in the exciting field of exploratory cancer treatment research. Clay Siegall is the corporation’s CEO, and also, the company President. In 1998,Clay co-founded the corporation. His other responsibility, is that of the chairperson of the committee board. Dr. Siegall is distinguished for his weighty enthusiasm for striving to create progress for the lives of individuals, who are suffering with cancer. This has been his goal, since the start of his vocation into biomedical exploration. Dr. Siegall is respected by his coworkers, as a conscientious and loyal member of the staff, who has steered the corporation, to establishing a large amount of healing techniques, in the field of cancer treatment examination, on top of, major treatments for cancer survivors.

The well-regarded George Washington University, is where Clay attained his Ph.D. There, he majored in the study of Genetics, and mounted a sizable number of professional undertakings. When Dr. Clay Siegall initially started as a Senior Researcher, Clay worked diligently, at the highly respected, Pharmaceutical Investigate Institute, which is owned by the prominent corporation, Bristol-Myers. Clay speedily advanced, with a promotion to the status of Foremost Scientist, then, advancing further to the status of Staff Fellow. Aside from this, he also became Biotechnology Fellow, at the National Cancer Organization. These strides in his profession, aided his curiosity to set up his own institute, Seattle Genetics. Their stock values have essentially tripled in proceeds, in a 5 year run.

Dr. Siegall is recognized for his obligation to cancer research, where he makes use of modern, highly developed techniques. In 2011, his company formed antibody-drug conjugates, bringing Seattle Genetics to the FDA’s approval. With Seattle Genetics clear and steady growth, they now assist survivors of cancer, all across the world. Clay is famous, for his assisting Seattle Genetics, to raise a superfluous $1.2 billion, in donations, from public and private aid. These donations establish new methods for aiding survivors of cancer, by the purchasing of cutting-edge gear. Dr. Siegall also added to the scientific community, by publishing advanced techniques and treatments for survivors of cancer.