Sanjay Shah on Autism

April is Autism Awareness month and there are many different outlets available for you to make a difference in communities that are deeply affected by this disorder. In Dubai especially, there are many different options to choose from when trying to make an impact on the lives of those suffering from Autism.

In Dubai, there is an Autism Rocks Festival available that can be attended at the cost of Dh50 per person. Many internationally famous performers and artists will attend and participate in this Festival. The intent of this festival is to raise awareness about those who live with Autism and how to deal with it. Donations will be collected from the ticket cost for the festival and donated for research into the condition.

Autism Rocks Festival is the conceptual idea from Usha and Sanjay Shah Denmark. The idea was that in order to benefit those who suffer from this illness, awareness needs to be raised on how to deal with it and research needs to be done on ways to treat it. The issue was, however, that many people are uninterested in learning about and helping the treatment of the disease around the country and world.

As a result, they thought of a way to increase interest among the global population, and especially the groups centered in Dubai by creating the Autism Rocks Festival.

The necessity of the Autism Rocks Festival grew out of a personal commitment to the disorder on behalf of the family. Their young son was diagnosed with autism so Sanjay and his wife felt they needed to take part in the international discussion on Autism. They wanted to encourage more research to be done around the world and, in order to do that, they needed to raise the money necessary for it.

Autism Rocks started in 2014 and since then has raised over $600,000 through ticket sales by organizing international superstars such as Prince, Drake, and Flo Rida. This family oriented event includes things such as crazy gold, petting zoos, and horse rides.

Sanjay Shah is an international financial adviser that operates out of London, England. He is the CEO and founder of Solo Capital Markets. Shah initially traveled down a very different path. He first studied to become a doctor until he decided that that occupation wasn’t for him.

Since then, he has worked at a variety of major investment banks such as Merrill Lynch.


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Impact of Adam Goldenberg in the Growth of JustFab Inc,

An entrepreneur from a tender age, Adam Goldenberg started an advertising network Gamer’s Alliance at 15 years. After graduating high school, Adam joined his parent’s company Intermix Media before moving to Alena and MySpace in the year 1999. Adam Goldenberg met his long-time business partner Don Ressler while working at Intermix Media, which was acquired by New Corp., for over $650 million in 2006 forcing the dual to start a new venture, Intelligent Beauty soon after.

Apparently, Adam Goldenberg and Don are co-CEOs of JustFab Inc, launched in 2010. It has grown to a global leader in the category of e-commerce subscription with over 30 million subscribers in just three years. Recently, JustFab has expanded its territory into the European market including Netherlands, Spain, France, and Germany.

Adam Goldenberg attributes JustFab’s success to being metric-driven as they learn quickly and adapt to business changes. One of their strategies is to keep an eye on the number of subscribers daily and sometimes hourly to remain nimble.  JustFabs upholds full transparency in all its activities by sharing actual figures, either good or bad with all its members helping everyone understand the tactical approaches to take to keep the business thriving.

JustFab’s customers have been significant in helping the company invests successfully. They regard customers’ feedback on as an important aspect in promoting business as it helps deliver tailored products that meet customer needs. Initially, JustFab made a mistake in pricing new product category like jewelry, but after understanding that the clients were unwilling to pay $39.95 for sunglasses and jewelry, necessary adjustments had to be done to meet the value proposition. JustFab’s customer support is keen in understanding customers’ needs and use their feedback to guide the merchandising decision.

Strategies of JustFab

JusFab is dedicated to hiring passionate and qualified staff. Even if a candidate may have an incredible resume and working experience, JustFab focuses on what they are passionate about to know whether they can thrive in the organization at Organizational culture has been instrumental in helping the company succeed in a competitive industry, and one of their mantras is being passionate about the corporate brand.

To keep the staff motivated, they pay a great deal in recognizing individual contribution through rewards and promotions. Ultimately, while most companies focus on the merchandising approaches rather than the products they sell, JustFab is keen in offering satisfactory products despite having catchy commercials and funny social media channels.