Whitney Wolfe Is Someone Both Men And Women Can Look Up To

Whitney Wolfe has long been held the champion of women’s empowerment. She is someone who inspires women and lets them know that they can take the lead in their lives. However, it is not just women that Whitney Wolfe can be a role model. She can show an example for men of what it means to fight for a cause.

Whitney has made a ton of progress in her life, especially with Bumble as the CEO. One of the reasons that Bumble is such a success is that she has built the brand with a purpose. The brand is more or less a means to an end.

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As a matter of fact, Whitney Wolfe has run more than one successful businesses. The one’s she has started and run on her own were built to support a cause. Given her success, she has gained confidence in that she knows what she can do as a business person. She has taken all of her experiences in owning a business and used it to bring about her latest and greatest achievement which is Bumble, a woman’s empowerment app. Bumble allows women to meet with one another and network for various purposes such as jobs and friendships. Men can also use Bumble for dating.

One thing that makes Whitney Wolfe so successful is purpose. She is a woman who is driven and committed to her purpose. This is something that men who do not have a purpose can look at. With a ton of men who are walking around aimlessly not knowing what they can do with themselves, Whitney Wolfe along with plenty of other entrepreneurs show men what they can do in order to find fulfillment and make a name for themselves. Women have been making progress with feminism. Whitney is bringing them even closer to their goals of equality.

Search more about Whitney Wolfe: https://techcrunch.com/2018/05/13/whitney-wolfe-herd-bumbles-founder-doesnt-care-what-shes-supposed-to-do/

Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund Changing the Life of Migrants

Lacey and Larkin published a story about subpoena on October 18, 2007. After their publication, Lacey and Larkin attempted to meet the judge but in vain. In the evening of the same day, they were arrested by Sheriffs wearing civilian clothes.

The sheriffs took them from their houses, handcuffed them, put them in dark SUVs with tinted windows and drove them to jail. Five days later, the charges against them were dropped partly due to the public outcry.

In 1970, Michael and Jim took charge of the ASU reneged newspaper and made it an award-winning, investigative paper. The copies of their newspaper were distributed freely to stores and street racks. The organization, through Lacey, is alleged to have received a donation from Maricopa County as a lawsuit settlement of $2 million.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have established an organization, Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund, intending to foster human rights. Through this organization, Lacey and Larkin have managed to help a large group of migrants in the United States.

Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund is a beneficiary of the Lacey and Larkin court settlement given to them after being arrested in 2007 for exposing a crucial case on the proceedings of a grand jury.

The organization is committed to funding immigrants’ rights in Arizona. Lacey and Larkin located the $3.75 million given to them as a settlement of their case to defend and assert human rights, help groups advocating and promoting civil, human and migrants rights. They also promote the freedom of speech of the migrants.

Puente is grassroots justice organization founded in 2007 for migrants. It was founded at a time when Arizona migrants were facing illegal deportation and detainment. These deportations and detainments led to the separation of families.

Most of the migrants were deported back to Mexico for breaking state immigration laws. The main aim of Puente is to empower the migrant families to be able to speak for themselves and defend themselves. Puente is known for organizing the famous “Undocubus.” The “Undocubus” traveled from Arizona to the East Coast advocating for the rights of the migrants. Puente has helped in advocating for the ban on the workplace raids which targeted undocumented workers. The undocumented workers were convicted and deported back to their countries.

Puente started a movement known as #Not1More anti-deportation campaign. The movement organized a hunger strike, a 60-mile march to the detention center and piled pressure on White House to relieve migrants of their plights by taking executive orders.

Puente is committed to educating the migrants on how to stand for their rights and defend themselves. Puente educates migrants on how to deal with the deportation proceedings. Puente has got Human rights Crisis Hotline for migrants’ community. It educates others about the migrants’ rights through art and culture exhibitions.

Other projects run by Puente advocates for holistic health in the Latino community, offering bilingual programs to kids and teaching them history. It has a project also advocating for all Phoenicians to have identification cards.

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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Doff Retirement for Front Page Confidential and Frontera Fund

In 2012, after a long and illustrious career, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin sold Village Voice Media and seemingly retired. The duo had appeared on the scene as the founders of the Phoenix New Times, an alternative weekly available on college campuses. The paper was free, as the duo used advertising to make the business self-sustaining. As teh readership grew the duo branched out and began acquiring other counterculture papers across the U.S. They formed Village Voice Media in the 80’s, and in their prime managed 17 weeklies from coast to coast. The duo reached notoriety through their famous feud with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. They called Apraio on the carpet for his questionable tactics regarding illegal immigration. The feud became palpable, eventually leading to the duo’s arrest and abrupt release. In the end Arpaio lost an election, was jailed for criminal misconduct, and abruptly pardoned by President Donald Trump. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin sued the county over their wrongful arrest, and won a $3.75 million dollar settlement.

Since then the duo has been using the money from their settlement to finance the Frontera Fund, a charity that allocates money to Latino organization fighting for migrant rights. The fund supports the Latino community through various outreach programs, legal representation, and advocate groups trying to change laws deemed unfair. This year they are heading back to the news world, and will once again share a byline.

Earlier this year Lacey and Larkin created digital counterculture news source Front Page Confidential. The site is dedicated to the First Amendment, relates all articles to free speech, and contain the same colorful articles as the New Times. Lacey and Larkin are the publishers, and also occasionally share a byline or two. Naturally the site has a whole section allocated to Sheriff Joe.


How George Soros Maintains His Initiatives At OSF

For the world and himself, George Soros has achieved quite a lot. He is profiled as one of the most prosperous entrepreneurs of his time. That is beside the fact that he has always made it an initiative of his to help nurture a breed of committed leaders. Leaders who would help create solutions for some of the world’s most terrible problems. Apart from his immense contributions in the corporate world, George is also known for being an ardent activist, writer, and philanthropist. His numerous achievements have played a significant role in making him the influential personality that he has become. Most of his accomplishments can be attributed to his undying passion for justice and transparent leadership.

It has been approximated that George has given to charities an amount of $18 billion since he started his career. Some of the groups that have been jumpstarted by the charitable works of George Soros include organizations and individuals who are propagating for the rights of the less fortunate in the society. Besides them, other beneficiaries include groups that push for accountability and transparency among governments. The data from the National Philanthropic Trust shows that the OSF organization is currently ranked second after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in valuation. The Walls Street Journal describes Soros’ the transfer of $18 billion to philanthropy as one of the most prominent acts of nobility.

George Soros is a staunch believer in the societies’ ability to find solutions for its problems. According to him, this would be possible by ensuring that they choose governments that are open to positive reforms and accountable for their actions. This is without forgetting to stress the importance of promoting the people’s freedom.

George Soros has remained focused on his bid of stopping oppressive governments. He speaks out against states that use natural resources to enrich a few people in the society and forget about their citizens. George has been on the front line in ensuring that democracy is given an upper hand in most countries of the world. He insists that for a country’s economy to thrive, justice must be held in high esteem. Disunity among a country’s people he maintains is caused when the tenements of democracy are destroyed. Read more at theatlantic.com.

Some of the groups that George Soros has supported through his philanthropic works include the LGBT communities, sex workers, drug addicts and people who have been detained illegally. He mainly wants the correct legal process to be followed before persons are arrested. These minority groups form the threshold of institutions that have benefited from George Soros’ good initiatives.

Visit: https://www.georgesoros.com/philanthropy/

In the field of politics, George has worked hard to see to it that people get good leaders who can provide solutions to their problems. The wealthy entrepreneur is known for supporting the likes of Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton in their presidential bid. Despite harsh criticism, George has made it his duty to help the needy. His hedge fund, The Soros Fund Management has contributed in making him the powerful man he is today. Follow George Soros on Twitter.

Madison Street Capital Success Story

Madison Capital happens to be the leading financial consulting company around the whole globe. It has a team of experts who have offered themselves towards making their customers feel that they are in the right place with the right company.

America is a country that has been hard hit by disasters and has been looking for whatever help to help end or curb this menace. The menace has covered East Coast, Midwest and also Gulf Coast. Several companies come to help with food items to help control the threat. There are others that come up with longterm solutions like health issues, education and helping them to regain financial stability. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: http://www.benzinga.com/pressreleases/17/01/r8887730/madison-street-capital-arranges-minority-recapitalization-for-ares-secu

Madison Street capital has been on the frontline building businesses across the whole globe. The company have been of great help to the United Ways and have been of great value to them. They have helped them raise money for the disaster-affected families in Georgia, Alabama, Mississipi, Kansas, Louisiana, Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Missouri.
Madison Capital has worked closely towards boosting the global and local communities. The tremendous philanthropic company has so far been recognized as a giant in the industry regarding giving out and sharing. United Way has a powerful partnership, a comprehensive national wide network, and very strong public engagements.

Their focus is to improve and also mobilize the communities. They aimed to solve some community issues as well as creating partnerships with government agencies, schools, businesses, associations, financial institutions and many others.

Madison Street Capital is a very famous international banking firm that is committed to excellence, integrity, leadership and also service delivery. They help in promoting and enabling various financial and advisory services to public and private businesses. The company is always well updated and has a team of qualified and competent professionals who can respond to opportunities.Their purpose is to assist business partners and investors to benefit. They can match both seller and buyer. They also match appropriate financing and capital structure for each client involved.

Madison Street Capital applies various methods, but they usually consider great expertise when selecting the professionals they work with. They have a team that is highly qualified while dealing with such matters. They know with specialization in areas of valuation, financing, deal structuring, market pricing, etc.

They have worked and helped clients from all walks of life achieve their dreams. The company has made so may successes when it comes to delivering their promises. It has a very hard and committed staff who follows the company’s policies with great diligence and professionalism.

Their customer care is also very dedicated and has a structured system of operation. Their products are well arranged, and even they offer proper guidelines before selling them.

Troy McQuagge’s Excellent Service at the USHEALTH Group.

Troy McQuagge has been working as an expert in the insurance sector for more than three decades. He has been working for the USHEALTH Group since 2010 and currently serves it as the chief executive officer and president. The progress of the firm has been outstanding during his time in office, and he was appreciated through the CEO of the Year Award, which is sponsored by the One Planet. The organization has been acknowledging the efforts top professionals and companies across several industries. The One Planet Award offers an equal chance for enterprises to present their nominations regardless of the solution that they offer, their location, or their size. The award recognizes a broad array of categories, and they can be classified into corporate communication, executives, public relations, emerging products and services, marketing, and teams.

McQuagge’s first role at the USHEALTH Group was to work as the head of the USHEALTH Advisor, which serves as the supply channel of the enterprise. He strived to better the performance of the agency. His performance at the distribution unit was unparalleled, and the firm made him president and CEO in 2010. Troy has had a successful tenure as the head of the company and has managed to evade the stiff competition in the sector to ensure that it makes millions of dollars as profits. He was gratified for being appreciated by the One Planet Award, and he said that efforts of the USHEALTH Group’s staff were the highly helpful. Troy believes that winning the award shows the outstanding dedication of the firm to offering it solutions.

The USHEALTH Group is one of the top providers of health insurance solutions in the United States. The company manages its activities from its head office in Ft. Worth, Texas. The primary markets that it targets are self-employed persons and proprietors of small enterprises. Its representatives and employees are well trained and have adequate knowledge to offer the best products and services to the clients.

Troy A. McQuagge also works as a board member of the USHEALTH Group. As the chief executive office of the company, he will also be managing subsidiaries such as the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. Troy’s career as an insurance professional started in 1983, and the first enterprise that hired him was the Allstate Insurance Company. His next job was with the United Insurance Companies Inc. where he was employed to serve its Student Insurance Division. He later got a promotion at the firm to act as its president and supported it to make huge profits. In 2006, the business’s ownership was changed, and it was renamed HealthMarkets. McQuagge headed the marketing activities of the firm, and he became CEO in 2007. His outstanding work assisted the company’s Agency Marketing Group in earning profits that are worth more than $1 billion.


About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is the President and Chief Executive Officer of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC. TDL Ventures is a Startup accelerator that aims at helping Startup Companies. Mr. Lubar attended the Peddie School in Hightstown NJ. He also joined Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC. He went on to the Syracuse University and marked off a Bachelors degree in speech communication. See, toddlubar.com.

Lubar’s Career

According to his Angel.co bio, after graduation, he served at the Crestar Mortgage Corporation before moving on to the Arlington Texas Legacy Financial group where he was critical in helping its Maryland office to multi-million yearly production units. He gained the skills to develop his lending capabilities to become a loans broker in the direct Mortgage Bank at the Legacy Financial Group. He served Legacy for six years before joining the Arizona Charter Funding. The charter funding is part of the First Magnus Financial Corporation. He served as the Senior Vice President at Charter Corporation for three years. His involvement with the Charter Corporation has led to the recognition of the company as among the largest privately owned mortgage companies in the United States.

Lubar’s Shift to Mortgage Financing

Lubar decided to prioritize his mortgage savings to purchase other Priority Financial services when the mortgage industry witnessed several changes. He majorly focused on mortgage banking. He also evaluated how to understand clients. This was after experimenting with the real estate markets for over a decade. He created the Legendary Financial LLC which is a partner of Legendary Properties, LLC. Legendary Financial LLC assists individual and company businesses with the capital loans to expand their enterprises. Todd uses his firm to help market borrowers who are otherwise overlooked by conventional lending sources.

Todd Lubar also owns numerous Demolition industry companies, night clubs, Real estate developments, and recycling industries. He has broad experience in the industrial management. This gives him the opportunity to learn and master expert skills which in turn help him manage and make businesses fruitful. He has also been acknowledged as the country’s top mortgage originator. He remains a distinguished financial manager. The people he contacts with have always appreciated his values.

Source: http://citrite.org/appreciating-the-illustrative-career-of-todd-lubar/

Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello was ranked the best position among the top-paid chief executive officers in the United States. He is paid handsomely for his position. The Nabors Industries company is involved in various business like the oil business, where oil field and drilled services are offered. It has expanded and grown for many years since the operation. The company has a fleet of rigs that are land based worldwide.

Nabors Industries have 25 nations in operations that have approximately 500 rigs. The company has majorly involved in booming of the business shale and has had more investors that have grown and expanded its profits due to the effect of his experience and leadership skills over an extended period. The real work of Anthony has given him a good reputation in the company as the best CEO all over the world. His responsibilities in the industry include recruiting people from other performing companies, initiating strategic plans, implementing the company’s plans, linking with the potential and current investors. Tony Petrello is known for the good work spirit and ensures that the company’s goals are achieved.

Tony Petrello has worked for the company from October 2011. Nabors industry is a collection of businesses located in Canada. Tony Petrello started law at Harvard Law school where he acquired his degree. He obtained a master’s degree in mathematics from Yale University. In 1991 he began working at Nabors Industries as the chief operating officer of the company and later became the acting director of Texas children from February 2011. Anthony Petrello acquired a lot of experience and skills in the operations of the company. Having worked at the Nabors Industries for an extended period, Tony Petrello was promoted to be the CEO of the company after his predecessor left the company. Since he became the chief executive officer of the Nabors Industries, the price went up by 180% and has been able to take care of the healthy relationships of the enterprises hence making the oil company more successful.

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Raj Fernando is a brilliant investor and businessman

The investment industry is an extremely competitive industry, and succeeding within this industry requires you to be both brilliant and hardworking. Over the last hundred years, many investors have tried to make it and failed. It takes a huge amount of talent to become successful within the industry. One of the top talents in the investment industry is Raj Fernando.

Raj Fernando started becoming interested in the financial industry when he was in college. While still in college Raj volunteered to work on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Volunteering at the exchange inspired Raj to enter the financial industry, and when Raj graduated he immediately started working on the floor of the exchange. Throughout the next decade, Raj quickly worked his way to the top of the financial industry. He held various positions at both the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade. By 2001, Raj was one of the hottest names in the Chicago investment industry and he was ready to go out on his own.

Raj founded Chopper Trading in 2002 in Chicago. Raj’s leadership helped guide the company to great success. The company eventually grew to 250 employees, and Chopper Trading traded on many exchanges throughout the world, including the Nasdaq, LSE, Eurex, and ICE. Chopper was an incredible success, and Raj led the company until 2015 when he received an enormous bid from DRW Trading Group. Raj loved the offer, so he took it and moved onto his next project.

The sale of Chopper Trading made Raj extremely healthy, but he wanted to keep building something. In 2016, Raj launched another company, Scoutahead. Scoutahead is a company designed to help people achieve the professional growth they need. It focuses on secure communication systems. The company is young but it is already starting to grow.

The world needs brilliant businessmen to push the economy forward. For almost twenty years, Raj Fernando has helped change the way people invest.

The Swiss Startup Factory an Idea Conceived by Mike Baur Changing Lives

The Swiss Startup Factory is an idea introduced by Mike Baur to help young ICT entrepreneurs nurture their ideas into real and competitive businesses. The company provides exciting opportunities from the day one joins to lear and to benefit from the incubation program, which lasts for three months. The acceleration program offers services coaching and mentoring that builds an idea to a thriving business. The Swiss Startup Factory is based in Zurich and was founded by Mike Baur partnering with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister.


Wenger & Vieli Accelerator (Legal information)

Wenger & Vieli Accelerator, which will begin on 19th October, 2016, will be offering free legal advice to start-ups during an event held every second Monday. Some of the issues that will be addressed in the program include legal items that are necessary when launching a company and how each affects the running of the company. It also addresses things that a business must consider before exiting. There will be several business lawyers from Wenger & Vieli, who will give the advice on pro bono basis.


Free mentorship

To join the Swiss Startup Factory accelerator program, you need to showcase your idea and your eligibility will be evaluated based on whether it is an actionable idea. The company is looking to support talented startups to get hold of the basics that can help them to evolve into fully grown businesses. The program includes some demo sessions that help to bring reality in the eyes of selected startup entrepreneurs. Once an entrepreneur graduates from the program, the individual will receive post-acceleration support for a period of five months.


Mike Baur and rich ambition

He has worked with several banks in the Swiss market for over 20 years and his latest project includes the creation of the Swiss Startup Factory, which is mentoring and nurturing young entrepreneurs into successful investors. Mike Baur developed interest in Banking and Finance while still a teenager and he offered to pursue his dream, thereby deriving passion since he successfully got hold of what he so desired. Mike is an MBA graduate from the Rochester University and he also holds an executive MBA from Bern University. He invests most of his time in the Swiss Startup Factory offering support to startups in the ICT industry.



Under Keith Manns’s Leadership, Dynamics Search Partners Announces Its Partnership With Uncommon Schools

In October 2013, Dynamics Search Partners entered into a partnership with Uncommon Schools in New York. Uncommon Schools comprises 42 charter public schools in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New York. The objective of this relationship was to create a platform for Dynamics to support education through offering students significant skills to help them succeed in college and beyond. Prior to the announcement, the founder of Dynamics, Keith Mann, and his team of executive recruiters spent time with a senior class of Crown Heights Charter High School. They taught them different lessons, including resume building. During the resume building workshops, which were held twice, the team offered one-on-one advice to students. They showed them how to review and edit resumes, including those needed for college application. In addition, Dynamics offered their financial support of $10,000 to Uncommon Charter High School. This institution was founded in 2009.
Keith Mann said that the partnership marked the beginning of the long-term relationship. He praised the innovation and devotion to academic excellence at the high school and said that the experience with students was encouraging. He applauded the students for their active participation during the meetings and workshops and hoped that they would be successful in their endeavors. Leaders of the Uncommon High School were happy for the new skills and experiences that their students achieved. The students were thrilled with the learning sessions. Many academic workshops and resume building classes shall be held at the Uncommon Charter High school. This event shall be held annually.

About Keith Mann
Keith Mann is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Dynamics Search Partners (DSP). Keith has an extensive background in hedge funds, staffing & hiring strategy and alternative investments. Dynamics Search Partners was established in 2001. Since then, it has served more than 2,000 clients. In 2002, Keith established an Alternative Investment Practice within the company. Later, he expanded the company’s operations into the private equity industry. DSP assists clients with creation of new platforms and hiring investments. Currently, DSP is recognized as one of the leading databases of investment executives nationwide. It serves firms in the United States, Asia and Europe.