Wengie’s Top Six Exfoliation Products


Exfoliating is a necessity for skin. It improves elasticity, minimizes pores and wrinkles, and wipes away all the dead skin and dirt that attaches to our face throughout the day. Here are the top six exfoliating products that beauty vlogger, Wengie, suggests.


  1. Manual Scrubs


Anything that is sort of like a paste that you would place on your face and work into your skin is considered a manual scrub. These manual scrubs are usually everyone’s first introduction to exfoliating, including Wengie. They’re simple to use, affordable, and make the skin feel amazing. You would normally use one after taking a shower since that’s when your pores are wide open and ready to be cleaned.


  1. Chemical Exfoliants


These are a bit more pricey but if you’re able then you should definitely look into including one of these into your skin care routine. Now, knowing your skin type is important when using anything chemical on your skin, especially your face. Most chemical exfoliators come in AHA for sun damaged and dry skin or BHA which is sensitive, oily, or acne prone skin. The difference between chemicals and manual is basically that one does the work for you. Chemicals break down the dead skin and free up the pores to be cleaned while any physical exfoliation is going to be breaking down the dead skin then wiping it away. Do keep an eye on the strength of chemical exfoliant you’re using as the wrong percentage could result in skin damage. The higher the percentage is essentially what’s called a chemical peel and this is where the first layer of skin is removed from your face.


  1. Aqua Peeling Gels


This happens to be Wengie’s favorite exfoliating product. It’s a nice and smooth gel that you can actually see working once you start to rub it into your skin. It’s nice to see something actually being removed when using exfoliating products. It’s a nice reminder that although our skin may not look dirty there is still dirt and dead skin cells that could be clogging our pores. This type of exfoliator would be perfect for those that have sensitive skin and like manual scrubs. There isn’t much work involved but it’s not harsh on the skin as a chemical scrub might be.


  1. Peeling Gels


This is the product that becomes essentially a mask once applied onto your face. It dries fairly quickly and you can simply peel it off once it’s been on for the recommended amount of time. This product can be used on the whole of your face but it’s most commonly used on the nose. It helps get rid of stubborn blackheads and any other clogged pores since the nose is complex and has many curves and nooks so it’s not the easiest to cleanse.


  1. Face Towel


Back to basics with a face towel. This is the oldest form of exfoliation and will probably be around till the end of time. It’s fairly simple, there’s no need for gels or masks. Some water to dampen the towel and light scrubbing should be enough to clean your face from most of the buildup that’s clogging your pores. Wengie suggests keeping a few face towels in rotation and make sure that they’re washed properly. So as to avoid wiping old dirt and dead skin back onto your face.


  1. Konjac Sponge


Konjac is a vegetable turned exfoliator. It has a smooth texture but there are tiny perforations throughout the sponge that help you exfoliate. This sponge can be used every day. It’s easy enough to just wet the sponge and then wipe over your face. The sponge is gentle enough to only strip away what’s clogging your pores and nothing more. You don’t want to strip your skin too much because oil’s are actually protecting our skin though it may be bothersome at times.

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