The Never Ending Fight of Thor Halvorssen

He Is One Of The Important Humanitarians Today

Currently more than 35% of all humans live in a country controlled by a despot. The people living under these oppressive regimes often want to oppose the controlling regimes, but they face punishments in the form of intimidation if they dare speak out. Thor Halvorssen, and his work as president of the Human Rights Foundation, gives a voice to these people. Risking prison time and death Halvorssen draws attention to the plight of people living in closed societies. This goes beyond mere sympathy for the plight of others. Authoritarianism has affected him personally.

His Home Country Is Under A Repressive Regime

Thor Halvorssen was born and raised in Venezuela. As anyone who has paid attention to headlines about Venezuela in the past few decades the country suffers from an oppressive and corrupt government. Journalists are imprisoned, dissent is punished with death, and the government has near complete control over society. The problems this raises has even resulted in Halvorssen’s own family facing time in prison. In the 90s his father, Thor Halvorssen Hellum, was punished by the Venezuelan government for his attempts to investigate drug trafficking and corruption by the Venezuelan government. In a tragic turn of events Halvorssen’s mother, Hilda Mendoza, was actually killed by supporters of Hugo Chavez during the 2004 referendum.

He’s An Accomplished Film Maker

In addition to his philanthropy Halvorssen has directed a number of best selling Hollywood flicks. These films he makes often cover themes regarding oppression and the ways people find to unite against it. Examples of his work are 2081, The Libel Tourist, and Freedom’s Fury. There are times, however, when his work strays away from these themes. A refreshing change in his work is found in Indoctrinate U, a film which investigates the supposed liberal bias found on college campuses.

He Has Served Time Behind Bars

Like his family members Thor Halvorssen has also served time in prison for his activism. During a trip to Vietnam to interview the head of a Buddhist sect banned by the Vietnamese government Halvorssen was arrested by Vietnamese authorities. He was eventually able to persuade them to release him by concocting a story about converting to Buddhism. This arrest stands as one of the most important events in the life of Thor Halvorssen as it reflects the life history of his father. Both men have faced arrest and both have secured their release.

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