Kevin Seawright The Executive Leader

Kevin Seawright is the Executive Vice President and Financial Chief for Newark Economic Development Corporation. He received his masters in Accounting at Almeda University in 2006. Then in 2015 he his obtained his Executive Leadership Certification. Kevin Seawright business strategies built accounting/finance for different sub-divisions from private sectors to government officials. He delivers economical goals and he is aiming for more affordable low-income housing in Baltimore so that more people in the community can achieve home-ownership. He’s hands-on in several communities. He has coached youth sports teams and has been involved in the Black Public Administrators. His major accomplishment is when he joined the Economic Development Corporation and boosted the annual revenue returns for over 25 percent. He is an excellent negotiator and managed 600 million dollars in educational projects in the Baltimore School Systems. He is known for using his financial expertise for bettering the community. View Kevin Seawright’s profile at LinkedIn

One of the most advantages of using Kevin Seawright services is his Business Management Planning Services. This can help any business handle Administrative duties. It can increase the workplace efficency, saving companies time, and profits. He appeared in the World Class Magazine, which was one of the first media outlet where he talked about how his family shaped him into the man he is today. His Facebook has all of his accomplishments posted along with his educational background. He also on Twitter with a few posts talking about the current development of Baltimore housing project and a picture of the summer employment for the youth program. The most appealing accomplishment that he has achieve is managing a 600 million dollar budget for education projects. It takes a very strong, smart, business-minded intellectual person to handle a budget that huge. He is an inspiration to young entrepreneurs. It is evident that so many cooperations, private sectors, government officials, and individuals can benefit from using his services, because of his 13 years of skills and his financial strategy plans.

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