Dr. Johanan Rand A Doctor For A Lifestyle

Dr. Johanan Rand is the doctor to see in the West Orange area for anyone looking to better their health and restore their youth. Dr. Johanan Rand is the President and CEO of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey. The Healthy Aging Medical Centers focus on regenerative health and provide customized plans to all their clients. Dr Johanan Rand deeply cares about the success seen in his patients. He believes that there is a uniqueness to every patient and creates a customized plan based around their needs. The Healthy Aging Medical Center, under Dr. Johanan Rand’s supervision, uses many new therapies for chronic illness and diseases. The Center specializes in hormone therapy to treat patients with age related illnesses such as menopause, erectile disfunction, poor memory and weight gain. His bio-identical hormone therapies allow the good hormones of the body to take back over increasing their levels in the body. These hormones should not be confused with synthetic hormones sometimes marketed today. Dr. Johanan Rand’s bio-identical hormones are safe and effective in bringing back a patient’s health.

Advocating for a healthier lifestyle, Dr. Johanan Rand is a strong supporter of exercise for his patients. He wants to treat their whole body and lifestyle not just fix their illness. By changing a patient’s lifestyle and habits, Dr. Johanan Rand refocuses their energies and as a byproduct helps their illnesses. By empowering his patients, Dr. Johanan Rand gives them the opportunity to be involved when fixing their own health. This empowerment ads to the customized program created by Dr. Johanan Rand. When patients feel empowered they can start to heal themselves. Dr. Johanan Rand approaches his patients with functional, regenerative and integrated approaches to their treatment. Patients will learn not just about their disease but about themselves when choosing to partner with Dr. Johanan Rand.



How Graham Edwards brings value to clients with Telereal Trillium

When it comes to the world of property management how many property owners are unaware of the differences in service level. Almost every firm will make the same promises, so it seems the only way to gain an advantage and make a better deal for yourself is to focus on reducing fees and securing guarantees in the event a property goes unrented for a long period of time. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth; property owners can gain additional benefit by being partnered with the right company.

This is done primarily by finding a good match between your property and the what type of properties of the company manages. A property management company that’s okay still simply on renting to anyone in anywhere does little management, instead, they serve more as a marketing firm that does little more than advertise your listing for you. In practice, many property owners could contact advertising providers and list the property themselves.

Understanding the shortcoming has a pivotal point for companies such as Telereal Trillium. Under the guidance of Graham Edwards the company has been able to shift his focus and better serve its clients.

As CEO Graham Edwards Telereal has been successful in shifting the focus of the company to a more value-oriented approach. Graham had determined real estate property is not like most other goods. In most cases, something purchased in bulk has to be given a discount in order to encourage buyers to purchase more; in the case of real estate property having these many properties in the same area is a benefit so great that a premium can be charged for it says Graham.

This is why one of the primary strengths of Telereal Trillium has been strategic property partnerships. By working with many property owners in an area the company is able to they customize property packages for prospective buyers. People who want to purchase more or able to, but often need to pay a premium to have it all in one place says Graham. This results in an increased revenue stream not only for the company, but also for the clients whom they partner with.