How George Soros Maintains His Initiatives At OSF

For the world and himself, George Soros has achieved quite a lot. He is profiled as one of the most prosperous entrepreneurs of his time. That is beside the fact that he has always made it an initiative of his to help nurture a breed of committed leaders. Leaders who would help create solutions for some of the world’s most terrible problems. Apart from his immense contributions in the corporate world, George is also known for being an ardent activist, writer, and philanthropist. His numerous achievements have played a significant role in making him the influential personality that he has become. Most of his accomplishments can be attributed to his undying passion for justice and transparent leadership.

It has been approximated that George has given to charities an amount of $18 billion since he started his career. Some of the groups that have been jumpstarted by the charitable works of George Soros include organizations and individuals who are propagating for the rights of the less fortunate in the society. Besides them, other beneficiaries include groups that push for accountability and transparency among governments. The data from the National Philanthropic Trust shows that the OSF organization is currently ranked second after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in valuation. The Walls Street Journal describes Soros’ the transfer of $18 billion to philanthropy as one of the most prominent acts of nobility.

George Soros is a staunch believer in the societies’ ability to find solutions for its problems. According to him, this would be possible by ensuring that they choose governments that are open to positive reforms and accountable for their actions. This is without forgetting to stress the importance of promoting the people’s freedom.

George Soros has remained focused on his bid of stopping oppressive governments. He speaks out against states that use natural resources to enrich a few people in the society and forget about their citizens. George has been on the front line in ensuring that democracy is given an upper hand in most countries of the world. He insists that for a country’s economy to thrive, justice must be held in high esteem. Disunity among a country’s people he maintains is caused when the tenements of democracy are destroyed. Read more at

Some of the groups that George Soros has supported through his philanthropic works include the LGBT communities, sex workers, drug addicts and people who have been detained illegally. He mainly wants the correct legal process to be followed before persons are arrested. These minority groups form the threshold of institutions that have benefited from George Soros’ good initiatives.


In the field of politics, George has worked hard to see to it that people get good leaders who can provide solutions to their problems. The wealthy entrepreneur is known for supporting the likes of Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton in their presidential bid. Despite harsh criticism, George has made it his duty to help the needy. His hedge fund, The Soros Fund Management has contributed in making him the powerful man he is today. Follow George Soros on Twitter.

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