EOS Holds Number Two Lip Balm Spot, Ahead of Chapstick

EOS started selling lip balms seven years ago. According to Fast Company Magazine, today, the company is a well-known name in the beauty care industry, offering a plethora of natural, fun products for millennial. The lip balm is still the brand’s top product, and one that consumers haven’t had any trouble supporting. Chapstick once led the lip balm industry, but now, the brand is the 3rd top-selling balm, behind the EOS brand. Consumers love EOS lip balm and the excitement it brings into their life.

It isn’t an easy task to outdo a brand that was a top-rated name for over 100 years, but EOS wasn’t afraid of the challenge. They listened to consumers and what they wanted, and then went in and made that product. They maintained trend while creating the product, and ensured the price of their lip balm was reasonable. Who doesn’t have $4 on eBay to spend on a great lip balm? The results prove that listening to customers is all that it takes to accomplish great things.

EOS lip balms are made with natural, organic ingredients that sooth and moisturize the lips without any damage or danger. That is the point of a lip balm, after all, and the EOS product ensures that it treats the lips the right way. Seven years ago, when EOS develops the lip balm, there weren’t a lot of flavors available. They changed that, bringing eight fruity flavors to life. Evolution of Smooth is a lip balm brand that other beauty care brands can look up to, and one that customers can always count on to give them everything they want and a whole lot more.


Timothy Armour

In an attempt to lead by example and teach using the “hands on” method, Warren Buffet bets that he can yield better returns highhandedly through S&P 500 investing than a gang of hedge fund managers. Of course, there are always ambitious upstarts and hungry lions within a pride ready to take down the Alpha. The wager takes place over the fiscal year of 2017. The smart money is on Buffett for the win. Or, is it?

His recipe for success, for the most part, remains the same. It is all about finding a bargain using the long view. And, that means dumping under achieving mutual funds and getting to know the details of passive investments. But on the other hand, insiders are questioning the traditional wisdom that rests on the old steady passive gains. They hold these reservations due to the new and steady growth of economies overseas such as the Chinese market in the international arena. Some naysayers believe this growth is just a flash in the pan. It used to be a time when the same thing was said about the US dollar catching up the UK pound. Just look how that came out. The point is that there are still many methods of seeing returns on an active investment. The trick is to look closer at both domestic and international markets and make a comparison to get a feel for the action instead of relying on old cache values.

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For example, when the Dow Jones takes a fall because something like the Shanghai Composite pulls the rug out from under it, financial experts should at least have a conception of what is going on. In other words, investment managers need to have a plan or at least the ability to make level-headed decisions on the fly. This allows them to make a decision to either ride out the storm or reconstruct infrastructures to slow or stop losses.

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