Securus Circumvents “Honor Among Thieves” With New Innovation To Prevent Crime

Have you ever wondered how difficult it is to get information out of prisoners? It is a very difficult task. There is honor among thieves, as they say. Prisoner themselves are very unlikely to “taddle” on each other. Any prisoner that does so faces incredible physical intimidation and may be ostracized from the general population of prisoners. It’s not a risk many prisoners are willing to take.


Family members are just as unlikely to give over information concerning crime inside of a prison. They do not want to see their loved one serve more time, so they are very unlikely to pass actionable information along to law enforcement. But there is way that these family members surrender information to law enforcement without even knowing it.


telecommunications company called Securus helps law enforcement collect information from the loved ones of prisoners in order to prevent crimes. These crimes can be prevented inside of the prison, or they can be crimes that may take place outside of the prison. Crimes inside of the prison include planned violence or the distribution of contraband. Crimes outside of the prison could include plans for robbery, extortion or violence. Being able to prevent crimes that are planned in prisons keeps us all safer, including the prisoners themselves.


Securus provides all telephone services to a prison. Prisoners and loved ones must use the service. Securus then records all communications. Family members and prisoners are aware of this so they often speak in code. But law enforcement is capable of cracking those codes. They just need to know who is planning the crimes and then they need to target those communications. Securus allows them to lock on to a particular string of communications by providing software that searches the recorded database for a single person’s vocal signature.



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