Clay Siegall has the attention of the cancer treatment community.


Seattle Genetics is making waves, in the exciting field of exploratory cancer treatment research. Clay Siegall is the corporation’s CEO, and also, the company President. In 1998,Clay co-founded the corporation. His other responsibility, is that of the chairperson of the committee board. Dr. Siegall is distinguished for his weighty enthusiasm for striving to create progress for the lives of individuals, who are suffering with cancer. This has been his goal, since the start of his vocation into biomedical exploration. Dr. Siegall is respected by his coworkers, as a conscientious and loyal member of the staff, who has steered the corporation, to establishing a large amount of healing techniques, in the field of cancer treatment examination, on top of, major treatments for cancer survivors.

The well-regarded George Washington University, is where Clay attained his Ph.D. There, he majored in the study of Genetics, and mounted a sizable number of professional undertakings. When Dr. Clay Siegall initially started as a Senior Researcher, Clay worked diligently, at the highly respected, Pharmaceutical Investigate Institute, which is owned by the prominent corporation, Bristol-Myers. Clay speedily advanced, with a promotion to the status of Foremost Scientist, then, advancing further to the status of Staff Fellow. Aside from this, he also became Biotechnology Fellow, at the National Cancer Organization. These strides in his profession, aided his curiosity to set up his own institute, Seattle Genetics. Their stock values have essentially tripled in proceeds, in a 5 year run.

Dr. Siegall is recognized for his obligation to cancer research, where he makes use of modern, highly developed techniques. In 2011, his company formed antibody-drug conjugates, bringing Seattle Genetics to the FDA’s approval. With Seattle Genetics clear and steady growth, they now assist survivors of cancer, all across the world. Clay is famous, for his assisting Seattle Genetics, to raise a superfluous $1.2 billion, in donations, from public and private aid. These donations establish new methods for aiding survivors of cancer, by the purchasing of cutting-edge gear. Dr. Siegall also added to the scientific community, by publishing advanced techniques and treatments for survivors of cancer.