Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello was ranked the best position among the top-paid chief executive officers in the United States. He is paid handsomely for his position. The Nabors Industries company is involved in various business like the oil business, where oil field and drilled services are offered. It has expanded and grown for many years since the operation. The company has a fleet of rigs that are land based worldwide.

Nabors Industries have 25 nations in operations that have approximately 500 rigs. The company has majorly involved in booming of the business shale and has had more investors that have grown and expanded its profits due to the effect of his experience and leadership skills over an extended period. The real work of Anthony has given him a good reputation in the company as the best CEO all over the world. His responsibilities in the industry include recruiting people from other performing companies, initiating strategic plans, implementing the company’s plans, linking with the potential and current investors. Tony Petrello is known for the good work spirit and ensures that the company’s goals are achieved.

Tony Petrello has worked for the company from October 2011. Nabors industry is a collection of businesses located in Canada. Tony Petrello started law at Harvard Law school where he acquired his degree. He obtained a master’s degree in mathematics from Yale University. In 1991 he began working at Nabors Industries as the chief operating officer of the company and later became the acting director of Texas children from February 2011. Anthony Petrello acquired a lot of experience and skills in the operations of the company. Having worked at the Nabors Industries for an extended period, Tony Petrello was promoted to be the CEO of the company after his predecessor left the company. Since he became the chief executive officer of the Nabors Industries, the price went up by 180% and has been able to take care of the healthy relationships of the enterprises hence making the oil company more successful.

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