The Swiss Startup Factory an Idea Conceived by Mike Baur Changing Lives

The Swiss Startup Factory is an idea introduced by Mike Baur to help young ICT entrepreneurs nurture their ideas into real and competitive businesses. The company provides exciting opportunities from the day one joins to lear and to benefit from the incubation program, which lasts for three months. The acceleration program offers services coaching and mentoring that builds an idea to a thriving business. The Swiss Startup Factory is based in Zurich and was founded by Mike Baur partnering with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister.


Wenger & Vieli Accelerator (Legal information)

Wenger & Vieli Accelerator, which will begin on 19th October, 2016, will be offering free legal advice to start-ups during an event held every second Monday. Some of the issues that will be addressed in the program include legal items that are necessary when launching a company and how each affects the running of the company. It also addresses things that a business must consider before exiting. There will be several business lawyers from Wenger & Vieli, who will give the advice on pro bono basis.


Free mentorship

To join the Swiss Startup Factory accelerator program, you need to showcase your idea and your eligibility will be evaluated based on whether it is an actionable idea. The company is looking to support talented startups to get hold of the basics that can help them to evolve into fully grown businesses. The program includes some demo sessions that help to bring reality in the eyes of selected startup entrepreneurs. Once an entrepreneur graduates from the program, the individual will receive post-acceleration support for a period of five months.


Mike Baur and rich ambition

He has worked with several banks in the Swiss market for over 20 years and his latest project includes the creation of the Swiss Startup Factory, which is mentoring and nurturing young entrepreneurs into successful investors. Mike Baur developed interest in Banking and Finance while still a teenager and he offered to pursue his dream, thereby deriving passion since he successfully got hold of what he so desired. Mike is an MBA graduate from the Rochester University and he also holds an executive MBA from Bern University. He invests most of his time in the Swiss Startup Factory offering support to startups in the ICT industry.



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