Leadership and Success Defined, Helane Morrison

Recently, XRepublic published an article recapping and explaining the life, thus far, of one of the most profound, successful and diligent women in the financial and investing industries: Helane Morrison.
Helane Morrison is a name that I believe should be very well-known and even more-so respected by anyone who claims to be an investor or work within the financial industry. Morrison graduated from college in Chicago, Illinois, earning her B.S. degree in journalism from Northwestern University. Later, while working as editor-in-chief of the California Law Review, Helane Morrison passed the bar and earned her J.D. degree in California from the University of California at Berkeley, School of Law.

From the years of 1984 to 1996, Helane Morrison held many positions as a law clerk for US Court of Appeals for the Seventh District’s Hon. Richard Posen for a year, from 1984 to 1985; from 1985 to 1986 Helane Morrison worked for Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun; from 1986 to 1991 Helane Morrison worked for a large law firm until being named a partner of the firm wherein she remained until 1996, here she would focus on much of the work that would become her specialty field–litigation and legislation enforcement for the Securities and Exchange Commission.
During this period, Helane Morrison also held responsibility for representing the Securities and Exchange Commission to other branches, agencies and departments of the United States government along with various news media outlets reporting on such information.

As of now, Helane Morrison currently holds office in a San Francisco, California investment company and firm: Hall Capital Partners, one of the most successful and relevant companies of its type in the American Northwest. Helane Morrison acts as the Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for the firm, where she has worked since 2007. She joined the firm following her previous job that she worked from 1999 to 2007 as the absolute head of the Securities and Exchange Commission in San Francisco, California.

The role of Helane Morrison within the Hall Capital Partners firm holds true to her self-declared goals and aspirations of aiding in the fight against corruption within public financial practices through ensuring compliance with those laws and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Morrison serves as a Compliance Officer; therefore, she works to maintain public compliance with the SEC through all of her financial and legal efforts. She is a renowned woman and has spearheaded many of the SEC’s operations and efforts.

Impact of Adam Goldenberg in the Growth of JustFab Inc,

An entrepreneur from a tender age, Adam Goldenberg started an advertising network Gamer’s Alliance at 15 years. After graduating high school, Adam joined his parent’s company Intermix Media before moving to Alena and MySpace in the year 1999. Adam Goldenberg met his long-time business partner Don Ressler while working at Intermix Media, which was acquired by New Corp., for over $650 million in 2006 forcing the dual to start a new venture, Intelligent Beauty soon after.

Apparently, Adam Goldenberg and Don are co-CEOs of JustFab Inc, launched in 2010. It has grown to a global leader in the category of e-commerce subscription with over 30 million subscribers in just three years. Recently, JustFab has expanded its territory into the European market including Netherlands, Spain, France, and Germany.

Adam Goldenberg attributes JustFab’s success to being metric-driven as they learn quickly and adapt to business changes. One of their strategies is to keep an eye on the number of subscribers daily and sometimes hourly to remain nimble.  JustFabs upholds full transparency in all its activities by sharing actual figures, either good or bad with all its members helping everyone understand the tactical approaches to take to keep the business thriving.

JustFab’s customers have been significant in helping the company invests successfully. They regard customers’ feedback on huffingtonpost.com as an important aspect in promoting business as it helps deliver tailored products that meet customer needs. Initially, JustFab made a mistake in pricing new product category like jewelry, but after understanding that the clients were unwilling to pay $39.95 for sunglasses and jewelry, necessary adjustments had to be done to meet the value proposition. JustFab’s customer support is keen in understanding customers’ needs and use their feedback to guide the merchandising decision.

Strategies of JustFab

JusFab is dedicated to hiring passionate and qualified staff. Even if a candidate may have an incredible resume and working experience, JustFab focuses on what they are passionate about to know whether they can thrive in the organization at http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=1477272&privcapId=37181322. Organizational culture has been instrumental in helping the company succeed in a competitive industry, and one of their mantras is being passionate about the corporate brand.

To keep the staff motivated, they pay a great deal in recognizing individual contribution through rewards and promotions. Ultimately, while most companies focus on the merchandising approaches rather than the products they sell, JustFab is keen in offering satisfactory products despite having catchy commercials and funny social media channels.

Inside Wengie’s Apartment: Simple, Serene and Stunning

YouTube phenom Wengie knows more than beauty. The Australian blogger takes her global fan base on a big apartment tour, where you get to look inside and see Wengie’s beautiful cat, her taste in furniture, her favorite things and a majestic city view.

The Australian-Chinese beauty and lifestyle YouTube sensation happens to run one of Australia’s top blogs, The Wonderful World of Wengie. She’s delightful, engaging and shares so much beauty, fashion and lifestyle knowledge to her almost 1.4 million YouTube subscribers.

So, let’s go on Wengie’s 2015 cozy apartment tour. As Wengie opens the door, her cat Mickey is always there to greet her, and we find a modern apartment gorgeous in whites and creams minus the clutter.

Wengie’s kitchen is situated to the left of the door way, offering the YouTube beauty guru lots of space and a long counter. There are shelves to the right for shoe and boot storage where Wengie has neatly positioned her best footwear.

The apartment features a delightful and airy open space concept. There is nothing too large or bulky to squeeze the space in her cozy apartment. The living room leads into the small sunroom whose wide, tall windows add an elegance to her living quarters.

Wengie especially adores the white double ladder shelf that stands proudly in the living room. It’s where she stores some of her favorite pieces like teapots, a bottle of Santorini perfume oil, Chanel bag, pair of sleek Louboutins, candles and flowers. The comfy couch has a large white coffee table to complete the picture.

Wengie’s sunroom offers a suuny view of the city from her high-rise apartment, where she has her office located with a computer and storage nearby.

Her white bathroom is adorable, neat and tidy with the basics of a vanity, shower and toilet. Walking into her bedroom is dreamy with her large bed, dressing table and pretty nightstands.

It’s 58-square meters of cozy living.


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