Man Reunites With Person Who Saved Him As A Baby

A man whose life was saved by a now retired police officer got a chance to meet the man who pulled him out of a dumpster 25 years ago. Robin Barton and his adopted parents got together with Officer Michael Buelna recently and it was a very emotional experience for all of them. According to an article found on reddit and written by, Buelna was on duty in November of 1989 when he heard some muffled noises coming out of the trash dumpster. When he went to go check it out, he found baby Barton, who was then only four hours old, all covered in dirt and still attached to his umbilical cord. After performing CPR on the baby he became responsive and was taken to the hospital to get cleaned up. Buelna was just as excited to see Barton as he was to see him as he had hoped to see him again.

The baby’s mother was eventually found and convicted, and Barton says he hopes to find her too to have some closure and move on with his life, and to forgive her. This is an incredible story as it isn’t often that you get to go back in your life and thank someone who really helped you, or saved you, the way Buelna did. No one could have prepared the former cop for that chance meeting that day, but it is amazing that it happened.

Dan Newlin, an attorney in florida, showed me this story.

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Quality Control Should Be Mandatory

It has been several weeks since the news first broke that the New York Attorney General’s office found bad supplements in four major retail outlets — Walmart, Target, Walgreens and GNC — after extensive testing of the retailers’ brand supplements. Many of the supplements only contained small amounts of the ingredients noted on their labels. Anastasia Date felt some did not contain the advertised ingredients at all. Worse yet, a lot of the retailer supplements contained ingredients that were not listed on the labels that can also cause mild-to-severe allergic reactions in some people.

Reddit users are still talking about this issue on Tuesday, April 21, as the Attorney General’s office continues to go after the four retailers for “deceptive business practices,” as well as for selling items that may harm human health. The office has already sent cease and desist letters with little impact. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has now been joined by three more attorney generals from other states.

In the meantime, one writer has pointed out that there is a way to be a little less fearful of herbal supplements. The U.S. Pharmacopeia Convention offers quality checks of supplements in over 140 countries. Those supplements that pass inspection receive a USP certified seal. Although the seal does not guarantee that something could go wrong at the manufacturing level, it does provide some guarantee that the product’s ingredients are as advertised.