Handy Home Services

Doing the chores at home can be a daunting task; I for one really dislike chores. I tend to get others to do them if at all possible, but even sometimes when asking others to do chores; they too do not want to do them. Then I found Handy Home Services. Handy Home Services will come to your home to… Read more →

Businesswomen and How They Continue to Gain Ground

When businesswomen like Susan McGalla speak it is wise to pay attention. Her words are the words of an experienced business leader. She is able to build brands and keep her attention on what counts which, in most cases, is profit margins. As a former CEO of two different companies McGalla knows about the bottom line. She knows how to… Read more →

How High Can Citadel’s Kenneth Griffin Climb?

Citadel’s Kenneth Griffin has accomplished something very few other people have been able to do: He’s now in the top 100 of the wealthiest people in America. It’s an annual list that Forbes puts out, and it actually looks at the top 400. He was on it last year, as well, but he ranked just outside of the top 100,… Read more →

Status Labs and Darius Fisher Step Up for Ashley Madison

Status Labs is already the web’s number one digital marketing, reputation management and public relations company. Now they are being lauded for leaping to the rescue in the wake of a major scandal involving one of the Internet’s most infamous dating sites. Status Labs is offering reputation management, or crisis communications, counseling to Ashley Madison in the midst of the… Read more →

Bruce Levenson Owns A Team Because Of His Ambition

There are many fans of the NBA who would love to dream of owning their own NBA team one day, but who know that that is not a realistic dream for them. They know that they will never be able to be anything more than an avid fan, but sometimes that is enough. Not everyone can be a team owner,… Read more →

The Importance of Business Planning

Overview Many people realize the importance of financial planning at a personal level. However, few people understand that in a business it is important to plan out financial decisions as well. A business can only exist as long as they can afford to stay in business. Although business and personal finance is different, there are some similarities that are the… Read more →

Use Dating Apps Like Skout To Find A Relationship

Most people want to have a relationship with someone else. A relationship can have all kinds of important benefits for the person. Such benefits include the chance to have someone in life who loves them above all other people, the opportunity to pool their finances with someone and save on expenses such as housing costs as well as the simple… Read more →

Top Brazilian Lawyer Ricardo Tosto De Oliveira Carvalho

Introduction to Brazilian Law The laws of Brazil are primarily based on Portuguese civil law. This is because Brazil was formerly a colony of Portugal and was ruled for a considerable amount of time by Portugal before becoming independent in 1825. The country absorbed the legal system, laws and language of its mother country, Portugal. However, Brazil has been influenced… Read more →