Sergio Cortes, A Famous Michael Jackson Impersonator In Brazil

Michael Jackson is known in the world as the King of Pop. Those young and old loved and still love Michael Jackson. For this reason their are many Michael Jackson Impersonators. These Icon Impersonators tribute their image and style to Michael, hoping he is looking down at them with a big smile. Impersonating Michael, started with the youth. The youngest… Read more →

FreedomPop Raises Additional $30 Million in Funding

Mobile phone provider FreedomPop has recently closed a $30 million round of funding. While deciding against many acquisition offers, the company based in Los Angeles has raised cash to fund future growth. Since the company plans on reaching the one million subscriber mark sometime in the third quarter, FreedomPop is moving forward with a vigorous pace. The business model for… Read more →

Stocks and Bonds and Commodities, Oh My!

With so many investment opportunities available today it’s possible for almost anyone with disposable income to turn their stash into more cash. When considering making an investment it’s important to decide what exactly you’d like to put your hard earned money into. These are non-refundable and it is entirely up to the investor when it comes to the bottom line.… Read more →

Hunter Treschl -The 16 Year Old Victim In Shark Bite Speaks

Unless you’re living under a rock these days, you’ve heard about all the shark attacks lately. While they are happening everywhere, the bulk of the media is centered on the Ocean Isle, NC area. Hunter Treschl was the 16 year old boy who was in the attack in this area. The other heavily publicized attack was a 12 year old… Read more →

BRL Trust Offers Trustworthy Investment Advice

Latin America has seen a great deal of economic expansion in recent years. The income in this area of the world has been significantly increased in this time frame. As a result, many people around the world have decided that investing here makes financial sense. Many countries in this region of the globe have also rushed to help open markets… Read more →

Model Matt Landis Arm Workout

Matt Landis is a scholarly and beginning player on the Notre Dame lacrosse group. The Pelham, NY local shows noteworthy devotion both on and off the field, striking a harmony in the middle of work and play. As an understudy competitor at Notre Dame, Matt Landis studies Finance, is a star defenseman on the Fighting Irish lacrosse group, holds down… Read more →

Man Reunites With Person Who Saved Him As A Baby

A man whose life was saved by a now retired police officer got a chance to meet the man who pulled him out of a dumpster 25 years ago. Robin Barton and his adopted parents got together with Officer Michael Buelna recently and it was a very emotional experience for all of them. According to an article found on reddit… Read more →

Owning a Piece of the Big Apple

Everyone knows the New York City real estate market is hot. With low availability, coupled with high demand, prices for residential and commercial real estate are up. No matter which borough you have your eye on, this year is shaping up to be just as competitive as the last. The complexity of the New York real estate market makes it… Read more →

Quality Control Should Be Mandatory

It has been several weeks since the news first broke that the New York Attorney General’s office found bad supplements in four major retail outlets — Walmart, Target, Walgreens and GNC — after extensive testing of the retailers’ brand supplements. Many of the supplements only contained small amounts of the ingredients noted on their labels. Anastasia Date felt some did… Read more →