Nobilis: A Financial Investment Worth Researching

Worldwide financial markets are still down heading into the fourth quarter of this year, still Russell Stanley of Mackie Research Capital, suggests that the healthcare industry the place to invest. He believes that is healthcare which will bring the market back up. In a recent analysis report, Mackie Research Capital chooses Nobilis Healthcare Corporation (NHC-TSX) as a financial market top… Read more →

CCMP Capital and Stephen Murray

CCMP is an investment firm based in New York City which specializes in private equity. This firm focuses on financial transactions that deal with leveraged buyouts along with growth capital. Over the course of the firm’s history it was known by a number of different names. It was first known as JP Morgan Partners which separated from the well known… Read more →

Innovation in Spine Care at North American Spine

North American Spine, based in Dallas, Texas, is operated by Nobilis Health. Known for its success rate of over 80%, North American Spine provides minimally invasive spinal surgeries for compressed nerves and instability of the spine. North American Spine reviews will tell you they employ only state of the art board certified spine surgeons. They are specifically trained to perform… Read more →

Yeonmi Park Says She’s Committed To Human Activism

Yeonmi Park has a great deal to say about her homeland, North Korea. She, along with her mother and sister were able to escape the brutal dictatorship of Kim Jung Il and find peace in South Korea. While living in North Korea, her life was less than ideal. Of course, since her father worked for the government, she had a… Read more →

Doe Deere the Day Dreamer

I am not into make-up, and bright colors are not really my thing. So it would make since that I would not like Doe Deere and her make-up line Lime Crime. Here is the thing though, Doe Deere has been able to do what some many others have given up on. She had a vision of herself, and a vision… Read more →

Earth Force: A GoFundMe Campaign That Needs Your Help

Earth Force is a wonderful non-profit established to help young adults to become trailblazers and advocates. Under this non-profit, young people are encouraged to become leaders and take charge in helping to change the environment through a number of key program areas. These young adults will help highlight the importance of preserving the glory and look of the natural environment… Read more →

Beneful Dog Food Is Making Dogs a Part of the Family

Family comes in many different forms. And if asked to really clarify just what family means to someone there will probably be some hesitation when really narrowing it down. But for all of the difficulties one might have in putting a label to it, most people can feel their family quite plainly. It’s who people think of when away. And… Read more →

Shaygan Kheradpir: A Forerunner of New Technologies

When it comes to advances and changes in mobile business technology, the name of Shaygan Kheradpir cannot be excluded from the conversation. As one of the people that help to form the Verizon company in the year 2000, Kheradpir has been on the forefront of the continued advancement of the mobile phone industry. In his early inceptions, cell phones were… Read more →

Bruce Levenson’s Businesses Enjoys Immense Success

The business genius Bruce Levenson, former owner of NBA basketball currently serves as the President and CEO of United Communications Group (UCG). He is an active philanthropist and he has been a present member of humanitarian organizations such as Community Foundation of Washington, D.C and the Hoop Dreams Foundation. He spends his free time playing golf and basketball, and enjoys… Read more →

My Dog Has Lost Weight And Gained Energy Because Of Beneful

I depend heavily on the foods that I feed my dog to ensure that he gets all the energy that he needs. My dog used to be a very sluggish dog that lacked energy, and he was even a bit overweight. I only learned that my dog was overweight when I took him for a visit to the veterinarian. My… Read more →