Yeonmi Park on North Korea: “People Are Dying to Live”

To the outside world, North Korea is largely a mystery. To 22-year-old Yeonmi Park, North Korea is a nightmare that lurks ever-present in the back of her mind. Yeonmi is a defector, a brand of death if she were ever to return. Yeonmi was born in Hyesan, North Korea in 1993. She was the daughter of a nurse and a… Read more →

For The Human Rights Foundation and its Founder, the Personal is Political

The Human Rights Foundation is an unprecedented non-profit organization dedicated to the immense goal of achieving peoples’ liberation worldwide. The organization has a presence in over a dozen countries with a mission to uphold the 1976 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. “We talk a lot about human rights, but many people have varying definitions over what those words… Read more →

Real Estate Mavericks Know How To Sell A House

There is a new and improved way to sell real estate says Greg Hague, entrepreneur, attorney, speaker, and teacher. The agent’s goal is to create a buzz for the property before anything is known about it. The modern way to sell a house is do not list it. Don’t put it in the MLS, or Multiple Listing Service. Most real… Read more →

Sanjay Shah Life-altering Gifting Concerts Through Autism Rocks

Autism Rocks has brought happiness to children who’ve spent most of their life overcoming unfamiliar challenges than society knows. Sanjay Shah, a successful British entrepreneur and philanthropist who’s now retired, launched a fundraiser in support of autism. The millionaire who made a fortune trading stock investments developed a passion for learning everything there is to know about autism after his… Read more →

George Soros the Defender of Stateless People

George Soros, the hedge fund billionaire mogul, is not a man who is known to shy away from issues that touch on politics or the global economy. On Thursday when he appeared on Bloomberg TV on a 45-minute interview with Francine Lacqua George Soros made sure that he created news headlines in every major newspaper when he hit on Republican… Read more →

Why Sergio Cortes Beats Them All

That Michael Jackson was one of the world’s greatest music legends is no secret. This can be attested to by the sheer number of fans he had over the course of his career. So much so, that some his fans the world over have endeavored to imitate his singing, music style as well as dance moves in a bid to… Read more →

New Innovations in Healthy Food Boost Premium Dog Food Sales

Many innovative companies have started to create healthy food for pets, much to the delight of dog and cat owners across the country. According to a recent Daily Herald article (, upstart companies such as Freshpet in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, are creating competition for traditional pet food makers on Although many of the traditional companies have been mixing salmon and… Read more →

Billionaire Democrat Donor Soros Feels Snubbed By Obama

  A billionaire Democrat donor is feeling snubbed by President Barack Obama. In an email released by The United States State Department a close confidante of Hillary Clinton, Neera Tanden, stated George Soros confided to her he never should have supported Obama. Tanden is president of the Center for American Progress. According to an article in The Hill, the email… Read more →

Why Eucatex Has Continued To Flourish In Brazil

In recent years, Brazil has been on the move towards achieving utmost economic development with its goals geared towards ensuring it rides on the global limelight. As such, this has led to intensified economic development which has contributed to improved living standards among Brazilian citizens. Industrial development has been at the center stage in steering economic development. Eucatex is one… Read more →

Nobilis Health: Innovation in Healthcare

Based in southwestern United States’ Dallas, Texas, healthcare corporation Nobilis Health is an industrially recognized, publicly traded company dedicated to healthcare development and management. Previously known as Northstar Healthcare, Nobilis Health has a history of paving the way for patient comfort and satisfaction in every aspect of the healthcare industry through collective leadership experience, low care delivery costs, and practice… Read more →